2021 Matings

All puppies will be $1600.00.  Note:  These are tentative schedules as heat cycles can vary. Deposits are $500.00.


Malcolm and Tessa were bred in Sept. 2020.  Puppies have been born and all adopted.

Piper and Tori were bred in Sept. 2020.  Puppies were born December 2, 2020 and all are adopted.

Piper and Bonnie were  bred in October 2020.   Puppies were born Dec. 9th.  Both puppies are adopted.

Liam and Roxie were bred in November.  Puppies will be due around Jan. 19, 2021

Morgan and Brodie will be bred in January or February 2021.

Merrybelle and Piper will be bred in March 2021.

Lily and Brodie will be bred in July 2021.

Malcolm and Tessa will be bred in Sept. 2021.  

Brodie and Tori will be bred in Sept. 2021.

Bonnie may be bred in October 2021 if health is good.  Bloodwork will be done prior to breeding.

Ava and Arthur will be bred in October 2021.

Brodie or Liam and Roxie will be bred in November 2021


Deposits of $500.00 are due within four days of being notified that there is an available puppy, or I will go to the next person on the list.  Personal checks and Paypal, – family and friends to jrah412@aol.com are accepted for deposits.  Final balance should be cash, bank’s cashier’s check or Paypal.



Scotty Puppy Breeder in North Carolina

Arthur and Ava will be bred in Sept. 2020. Arthur is out of an international champion from Missouri.

Arthur’s pedigree:  To view pedigrees, right click on photo and select view image.

Ava’s pedigree

Scottie Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

Liam (left), pictured here with Hannah, is out of Lance and Gracie.  He will be bred to Roxie Oct/Nov. 2020

Below are Bonnie and Brodie.



Lance (passed away 8/31/20)

Lance’s great, great, great granddam is Gaelforce Postscript (Peggy Sue), the 1995 Westminster Best in Show winner. He is Liam’s, Bonnie’s, and Heather Claire’s sire.  He is retired.


Gracie’s pedigree

Lance (retired); sire of Liam, Heather Claire, and Bonnie and grandsire of Robert the Bruce and Tori.


Gracie (retired; dam of Liam)

Lance above