2019/ 2020 Waiting List



Waiting list contains the initials of people who are currently on a waiting list for a Sandhills Scottie. The date is the day I was contacted from you to be put on a waiting list. If your name is on the list and you no longer want one from me, just let me know. Many may have found one sooner and just hadn’t let me know.  I will either use Piper, Robert the Bruce, or Brodie this year as sires.  All puppies are $1600.00 and the pedigree (up front champions) are reflected in the adoption fees. 

The deposit of $500.00 goes towards the adoption fee.  My puppies are released at eight weeks.  I can keep a puppy longer than the four day window of pickup, but I charge $5.00 a day for holding the puppy longer.


1. B. S. NC (1/13/15) brindle female from Roxie and Robert the Bruce

2. T.M. FL (1/11/18) (2nd one) black female from Heather Claire and Brodie (2019)

3. J.B. SC (10/26/18) black female Roxie (yes) December breeding

4.  A. R. S. NC (11/28/18) black male (2020)

5. S. I. VA (1/14/19) black male (spring 2020)

6. L. S. NC (7/5/19) female black or brindle

7. M. A. (7/6/19) black female

8.  R. B. MD (7/15/19) black female

9.  J. S. NC (7/20/19) male or female, preferably brindle

10.  C. W. VA (8/12/19) black male

11. S. R. VA (8/20/19) black male or female

12. A. P. NC (8/25/19) black male or female

13.  J. T. NC (8/26/19) black male

14.  T. H. VA (9/3/19) black female

15.  M. W. NC (9/4/19) black male

16.  D. A. NC (9/5/19) black male

17.  K. R. MD (9/9/19) black male

18.  S. K. NC (9/14/19) black female

19.  C. R. NC (9/18/19) male or female; Piper and Bonnie

20.  D. N. GA (9/20/19) black male

21. K. J.  NC (9/20/19) black female (2nd one from me)

22.  D. E. NC (9/23/19) black female

23.  J. S. NC (9/28/19) black male

24.  K. A. NC (9/30/19) black male

25.  R. S. NC (10/6/19) black male

26.  D. B. NC (10/6/19) black and wheaten, sex not important

27. J. D. NC (10/6/19) black male, will take brindle

28.  C. F. NC (10/7/19) male, any color

29.  K. M. NC (10/12/19) red wheaten male or female; or black

30.  J. S. NC (10/17/19) prefer black male but would consider wheaten

31. W. N. NC (10/23/19) black male

32. D.M.  TN (11/15/19) black male

33. C. F.  SC (11/17/19) black male

 B.D. SC (12/13/16) black male or light wheaten female (2020)

D. R. WI (6/2/17) will notify when time is right

T. M. VA (7/17/17) will notify when ready

R. V. NC (8/15/16) brindle female; will notify when ready