April 9, 2019: Piper and Roxie’s pedigree

April 9, 2019:  I took a picture of Piper and Roxie’s pedigree since these two have been involved in breeding.  Anstamm Like a Rock and Maryscot Painted Black were 2010 Westminster Best in Show’s Sadie ‘s parents.  Mafioso  was the winner of the World title from Call to Glory bloodlines.

I know it is hard to read, but puppy parents of these two (Piper and Tessa) and (Brodie and Roxie) will get a copy of the pedigrees. I took a section of the pedigree so you can see it better. Hoots is Piper and Roxie’s sire.

You can see Mafioso on You Tube – Argentina Call to Glory

Sadie’s parents

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