April 10, 2019 Countdown

April 10, 2019:  I am on countdown with Tessa’s whelping.  She is now getting the raspberry leaves syrup.  The whelping box and area are ready.

  I have been talking with the owner of Scotland Yard Kennels in Ohio for a male and female.  Lisa wants a male from my breeding with Roxie and Brodie.  I will now have McVan bloodlines as well as Glengala, Anstamm, Stalwart, Charthill, Rococo, Greatscot, Deblin,  and Hycourt.

Liam became a father to a litter of four boys in Moore County.  Liam is a great sire as is Brodie.

Bonnie’s puppies will be leaving me on the 13th and the last one around the 20th.  They are doing wonderful and love lots of attention.  They are kissing me back now.

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