Next generation

July 17, 2020:  Scarlet who I have not had a chance to spay yet is in heat.  She is alpha female, so Ava and Heather Claire should be coming in heat soon.  Although the McClintock Syndrome where women’s menstrual cycles align after living together for a period of time may not actually be a truth in science, there is the pheromone effect that can affect hormonal behaviors in animals.

I had the chance to watch my young Scotties in play and took some pictures of my younger ones who I will breed next year after one or two heat cycles.  It is like running a daycare.  I am also having to watch the heat.  I usually get them in around 2 or 3 depending on heat index.  Raeford always seems hotter than anywhere else.


Malcolm (2, out of Hannah and Robert the Bruce) Merrybelle (9 mos., out of Brodie and Bonnie) and Lily (6 mos., out of Robert the Bruce and Roxie) in back.




Tessa (3, out of Gracie and Angus)


Tessa, Malcolm, Merrybelle, and Lily


Morgan (3, out of Hannah and Robert the Bruce)



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