God’s Hands

August 2, 2020:  I have been glued to the Jeffrey Epstein case on Netflix.  I am glad this has come to the forefront.  It reminded me of a time years ago, when I went as an entering freshman with the Meredith College abroad program to study in England for three months.  I was the youngest one but became popular because I had brought a cassette player and cassettes of beach music.  Part of our study was going to various places and doing research on that place as well as studying about England.  Most of the time, I always went with two or three other girls.  We walked and took the tube everywhere.  The year prior to this, I had the opportunity to go with twelve other high school students from my high school and fifty others from various schools to sing in several European countries.  We were warned about the “slave trade” and to be careful, especially in England.  But back to my story.  I learned my way around England very well.  One day, I went by myself to Piccadilly Circus on Bond Street to do some gift shopping for my family.  It was almost time to fly back to the states.  I had come out of a store when this man ran up behind me and said, “Miss, miss, you have such a lovely figure.  You could be a model.”  Now, I was alerted to that because I am only five foot three.  I told him it was obvious from my accent that I am not from England.  He told me it didn’t matter because I could be set up in New York City.  He told me the modeling agency was on Old Bond Street, and he pointed down an alley way as a short cut.  I should have asked for a business card, but I didn’t.  He followed me for about three blocks just telling me about all the money I could make.  I started looking for a bobby, (police officer).  Finally, with firmness in my voice, I told him, No!  When I got back to the dorm, I looked in the phone book and saw that there was a modeling agency on that street.  I knew that God was looking after me, and I give Him the glory for keeping me safe  – all the years of my life!

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