June 25, 2021: Brodie and Lily

June 25, 2021:  I survived yesterday.  Annabel got through the surgery well.  She was picked up at the vet at 3:30, and I brought her home.  Then I received the call that Ava, Brodie, and Lily were ready.  Lily is out of Roxie and Robert the Bruce.  I took pictures of Brodie and Lily and are below:



I am sleeping lightly.  If I hear any of Merrybelle’s (out of Brodie and Bonnie) puppies, I get up and check on them.  But last night beside Merrybelle’s puppies crying out, I heard Ava’s puppies.  I thought one may have gotten stuck somewhere, but they were all fine.  The real reason I got up with Ava’s puppies was to discover the car keys on the narrow sideboard table.  And I never bring the keys into the bedroom.  I do have an extra set, but I would have never found those keys without going in to check on those puppies.

Scarlet and Malcolm get groomed today.  Then I will finish up with four on the 30th.

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