Jan. 7, 2022: Ava and Arthur’s puppies

January 7, 2022:  I am sad to say that the little black female did not make it.  I am keeping the red female and a male as this was the reason I bred Ava and Arthur to have some Scotties to carry on their line.  The four had their dew claws removed today.  The vet said they looked good.  I did get some vitamins to be given one drop every other day.  I also ordered some colostrum.  Usually, I have colostrum on hand but did not with this litter.  It will arrive on Sunday.  The remaining two have been adopted by people who wanted wheatens.  Hopefully, Annie, who is out of Heather Claire who is out of red wheaten Scarlet will have some wheatens.

I will post pictures of the puppies later in the day.  They were stressed to be removed from mama, and I want them to get back to nursing without being disturbed.

Happy birthday to Gracie.  She turns eleven today.


Top right: red female, red male, and two lighter males

I keep my thermostat at 63 degrees.  In addition to a heating pad, I put an electric space heater in the whelping room for these colder days.

Parents Arthur and Ava below

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