Jan. 9, 2022: All is Well

January 9, 2022:  Ava’s puppies are nursing and doing well.  My heater quit working, so I have another one coming tomorrow.  There is a heating pad, but mom is doing a good job keeping them warm.  I check on them every couple of hours.  They did receive a taste of Colostrum today.  I will give them vitamins tomorrow.


Ava’s dam is Heather Claire above and her sire is Angus, below


Ava’s granddam is Scarlet (turns 12 next month) below:

Ava’s grandsire was Lance below:

Tessa’s mammary glands are full.  Her puppies will be whelped this week.  Tori is eating voraciously.  All mammas had their bellies shaved for easy access to nipples.


Tessa – top and below


Father to be (Tessa and Tori) – Brodie


Tessa’s dam, Gracie:

Tessa’s sire, Angus:

Angus is in a Scottie magazine and a book.

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