Jan. 12, 2022: Happy birthdays to Ava and Arthur’s puppies

Jan. 12, 2022:  Happy one week old birthdays (one day late) to Ava’s puppies.  They are small.  Their weights are:  my girl:                 11.6 oz.

          my male:                7.2 oz.

          Melanie’s male:    6. 12 oz.

          Karen’s male:        7 oz.

Clockwise:  bottom – my girl; light wheaten male (Melanie); Karen’s male in green collar; my male

Today began busy:  I fed the horses at 6:30 a.m.  I got all Scotties crated.  I left at 7:30 to take Tessa’s puppies to the vet in Southern Pines for their dew claw removal.  All puppies are healthy.  I returned home and fed the Scotties.  I rotate days that groups go out.  I let some out in the fenced in backyard.  I didn’t want to let them out too early because I saw that the temperature was twenty-two degrees at 6:30.  At 10:00, I took three to the groomer in Aberdeen.  I will pick them back up in a few hours.

Tori is doing well.  I need some black male puppies.

Lily turns two on the 14th.

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