Jan. 15, 2022: Puppies!!!

January 15, 2022:  Puppies are all doing well.  Ava’s puppies will get their first deworming on the 18th at two weeks of age.  Tessa’s puppies will be a week old on the 10th.  Ava’s puppies can begin to leave on February 26th.  They will be eight weeks on March 1st.  Tessa’s puppies can leave beginning March 5th.  They turn eight weeks on the 8th of March.


Tessa’s puppies:

Wheaten female with white collar:  Amanda

Dark brindle female with yellow collar:  Joey

Dark male with green collar:  Melanie

Dark female with no collar:  Rita

Black female with orange collar (little bit of collar showing):  Allyson

Light brindle female with gray collar:  Roger

Wheaten male with blue collar:  Gwen


Ava’s puppies:

Red wheaten female (Fiona)

Light wheaten male on Fiona:  Melanie

Wheaten male, no collar (Finlay)

Wheaten male with green collar:  Karen


Tori is continuing to get larger.  She is due to whelp in two weeks.

I am praying we do not have a power outage because of the ice expected tomorrow.



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