About Us


Back in 1986, when I purchased some drinking glasses with Scotties on them, little did I know how my life would change. I thought the shapes of these little dogs were so adorable. My menagerie of Scottie items soon grew to things like coffee mugs and baby bottles. Then four years later on my birthday, my husband (who passed away June 15, 2019) located a breeder near our home who had Scotties, and my fascination with the train-shaped little dogs came to life.

In 1991, I decided to share my love for these dogs with other people who cherished the breed and began my responsible breeding of the Scottish Terrier. I placed one of my puppies with a lady in West End, North Carolina in 1992. Fifteen years later when I placed an ad in a local paper for my first litter from Will Wallace and Sadie MacBeth, I received a phone call from the West End lady who wanted to share what my first puppy, named Haggus, had done to her life. She told me she had gotten more Scotties and entered the world of showing. Now many champions later, she wanted to thank me. I decided to buy one of her champion-lined puppies – a female I named Lady Guinevere. She surprised me by giving me a male from one of her sires, nicknamed Arthur; thus, Sir Lancelot also became part of the family. My little Haggus had come full circle.

My family of Scotties sleep in the house, run around in the backyard fence, and go on long, leashed walks on my seventy acre farm. I breed for QUALITY not QUANTITY. I never have any puppies waiting to be placed Many people wonder if our pets go to Heaven. I share this experience in hopes that it may give comfort to those out there who have lost beloved pets. On November 3, 2011, Lee Anne came to my house to pick out her puppy. She arrived at my house before I did, and she watched my Scotties run in the fenced-in back yard until I got there. When I got out of my truck, she asked me if there was anyone else in the area who owned Scotties. She had seen one running through the woods. I told her no and explained she may have seen my guard dog who likes to run along the outside of the fence for the Scotties to “chase” him. She insisted it was not him but a Scottie she had seen. It did not hit me until the next day, and when it did, the tears came. I have no doubt that Lee Anne saw my Sadie MacBeth who passed away May 9, 2011. She was running too like she used to do inside the fence. She is free now to run without barriers and will forever look after her Scottie family and human family who will always hold a place for her in our hearts.

Rest in peace, my beloved Sadie MacBeth.

The other blessings of my life:

My son who has spent three tours in Iraq, my daughter who is following in my steps and becoming a teacher, and my mother who is always here for us.

It is said, “To teach is to touch a life.” And I hope I have touched many in meaningful ways.

And another of God’s most beautiful creatures

But my biggest pride and joy, my grandson,

pictured here with his Gigi. He is now 17 and my mother is 99.

My grandson is growing up! He is seventeen now.

I always try to keep my website updated with pictures and news. I have not found another Scottie website that does that.

My son is stationed at Ft. Bragg. He retires in a few years. My daughter is in California while her husband gets his Ph.D at UCLA. Below is a picture of my daughter sitting beside my grandson. My son and his wife are standing behind them. My son-in-law is on the left.

Christmas 2018:

My mother, son, Brandon, me, my grandson, Jaxon, and my daughter, Erica