A generation of Sandhills Scotties

New to Sandhills’ Scotties

Two of Gracie’s and Angus’ puppies will be staying at Sandhills Scotties:

Highlander Angus “Tucker” McDuff and Tessa Celtic Summer Song and a female, Herron’s Glorious Roundtown Rockabye Baby (Roxie) from a sire with the great great grandparents as Roundtown Mercedes Maryscot (Sadie) 2010 Westminster BIS winner. She also will have the bloodlines of the top winner of Argentina’s Call to Glory kennel. Also staying with me is My Lady Morgan’s Moonlight Masquerade from Robert the Bruce and Hannah. Also coming in May 2018, is Herron’s Glorious Roundtown Bannockburn Bagpiper. He is a half-brother to Roxie. I am keeping a male from Robert the Bruce and Hannah, Herron’s Sir Malcolm Wallace.

First picture of Bagpiper:

Champion sired Sir Broderick the Braveheart (Brodie)

Brodie from Am. and Can. Champion Stalwart’s He’s Got Mojo


Brodie and Bonnie 6/2016

Brodie and Bonnie play with a toy.

Brodie (left) and Bonnie (right) reflect after their first grooming.

Liam, Hannah, Brodie, and Bonnie play tug of war.

A Wee Bonnie Scottish Lass (Bonnie) out of Sir Lancelot and Gracie

Herron’s Hannah Hope of Joy

Champion bloodlines

McVan, Charthill, Hiwood, Gaelforce Post Script (Peggie Sue – 1995 Wesminister Winner)

And from Lance and Gracie’s litter:

Herron’s Liam Lothario of Raeford

Liam and Hannah pose for the camera.

Robert the Bruce and Hannah

Hannah and Bonnie (January 2017)

Tucker ( Gracie and Angus) at 12 weeks

Tessa ( Angus and Gracie) at 12 weeks

Tucker after grooming (June 2017)

Tessa after grooming (June 2017)

Tessa and Tucker frolic after grooming above and play with a toy below:

Morgan out of Robert the Bruce and Hannah at nine weeks

Morgan at nine weeks (August 2017)

Roxie at 10 weeks

Male and female out of Glengala’s Samson and Heather Claire


Herron’s Victoria’s Lacy Secret and Herron’s Robert the Bruce at two weeks

Robert the Bruce’s and Tori’s (one ear up) first grooming

Another Valentine Amour (Ava) out of Heather Claire and Angus ?

Ava at seven months

From Missouri, International sired



Arthur and Ava – best friends

RB and Tori at seven weeks