Sandhills Scottie Dogs

Sandhills’ Scotties


Sir Knighted Rob Roy Red and Highlander Angus McDuff are out of Will Wallace and Sadie MacBeth.  Younger Scotties have their own webpage.

Sir Knighted Rob Roy Red

passed away 10/14/19.  He was 12 1/2.



Red Wheaten Sophie’s “Scarlet” Sage (Scarlet is retired).

Sandhills’ Scotties enjoy a trip to the beach.


My so loyal, Will Wallace.  He turns 13 in May.  Will passed away 10/19/18.


Angus passed away 11/14/19.  He sired my Ava, Tessa, and Tucker.


  Angus poses for the camera. He and his brother, Rob Roy, are 12.




Daddy Will Wallace keeps his boys, Angus and Rob Roy, in check.


He is twelve (2017)


Sir Lancelot of Raeford gets ready for his grooming. He is twelve.


HERE COME THE BOYS! I miss Rob Roy, Angus, and Will everyday!


Bonnie Annabel Leigh is out of Sir Lancelot.  She is spayed. 

Scarlet and Annabel relax.

Gracie, Arthur and Ava enjoy a run in the house.

Liam and Hannah enjoy a moment on the couch.

Some of the Sandhills Scotties enjoying a day outside.

Lance (left) with his gray beard and Hannah (2017)