Angus and Gracie’s February 16, 2017 puppies


Sandhills Scotties is thrilled to announce the birth of five brindle puppies from Angus and Gracie.  Mom and pups are doing well.  All are nursing.

Gracie's day old puppies (Feb. 17, 2017)

Gracie's 11 day old puppies, 2/27/17; Sadly, the little black female did not make it.

Gracie's two week old puppies, March 2, 2017.

Additional photo, March 3, 2017

Eyes are open – March 6, 2017

19 day old puppies at play


Three weeks old today, March 9, 2017!

March 16, 2017:  Four weeks old today!

Four week old puppies enjoying their first taste of wet food with Goat's Milk Replacer.  Beginning above; Finished below:


Five weeks old today, March 23, 2017


Six weeks old outside (April 2, 2017)





Sandhills' Celtic Summer Song (Tessa)

Sandhills' Highlander Angus Tucker McDuff

Six week old checkups went well. (March 30, 2017)


Eight week old puppies below:

Trudy, Tucker, Magnus, and Tessa