Sandhills Scotties in their new homes.

I accidentally trashed my previous webpage and lost lots of pictures dating back to 2009.  If you adopted a Scottie from me, send me a photo with name to my email address:

Monty and Zeus (out of Will Wallace and Sadie MacBeth)


Here are some of my most recent adopted puppies:

Bea of Pittsboro, NC (Ava and Arthur, April 2015)

Heather of Cary, NC (Lance and Gracie, Feb. 2016)


Zach (Angus and Heather Claire, 8/2013) and Alfred (Arthur and Ava, 12/2015) in Chapel Hill, NC


Molly (Arthur and Ava, 12/2015)


Archie (Lance and Scarlet, Feb.2016) and Abbey (Lance and Gracie, Feb. 2016) in Virginia Beach, VA


Watson (Lance and Scarlet, Feb. 2016) of East New Market, MD.


Fletcher (Lance and Gracie, July 2015) in Raleigh, NC


Arthur (Lance and Gracie 2/2016) in Cary, NC


James (Arthur and Ava, 4/2015) in Florence, SC


Winnie (Lance and Scarlet, 4/2015) in Hoover, Alabama


Leonard (Arthur and Ava, 12/2015) in Martinsville, Virginia


Monroe (Lance and Scarlet, 6/2014) in High Point, NC


Zeus (Lance and Scarlet, 4/2015) in SC.


Abby Joy (Lance and Gracie, 2/2016) in Elkin, NC


Betsey (Lance and Gracie, 2/2016) in Richmond Hill, NY


Caylie Rose (Lance and Scarlet, 9/2011) in Richmond, VA


Jock (Will Wallace and Scarlet, 1/2014) in Roanoke, VA


Archie (Will Wallace and Scarlet, 1/2014) in Atlantis, Florida

Another picture of Archie:


Griselda (Lance and Gracie, 1/2014) in Raeford, NC


Luthias (Lance and Gracie, 7/2014) with sister Griselda in Raeford, NC


McKenna (Arthur and Ava, 4/2015) and Nessa (Lance and Gracie, 12.2012) in NC


Harley (Will Wallace and Scarlet 1/2014) in Zebulon, NC


Abigale (Lance and Scarlet, 4/2015) in Smithfield, NC


Sadie (Lance and Scarlet 6/2014) from Norfolk, VA

meeting a Sandhills Scottie littermate owner from Charlotte, NC at a Black Dog Music Festival.


Thatcher (Lance and Gracie, 7/2013) in Severn, MD


Mac (Lance and Scarlet, 6/2014) joins sister, Sandhills Scottie, Annie (Will Wallace and Scarlet, 9/2012) in Charlotte, NC


Hamilton (Lance and Scarlet, 4/2015) with a doggy daycare pal in Coral Gables, Florida


Dougal (Lance and Gracie 7/2014) in Raleigh, NC


McKenna (Lance and Gracie, 1/2014) in Fayetteville, NC


Maggie (Lance and Scarlet 3/2012) is joined by a Sandhills Scottie, Emma (Will Wallace and Scarlet 1/2014)


Ruby (Lance and Gracie 2/2012) completely sheared in Charlotte, NC


Murphy (Lance and Gracie, 1/2014) in PKS, NC


Jean Brodie (Lance and Gracie, 7/2013) in Wilmington, NC


Duncan (Will Wallace and Scarlet, 1/2014) in Winston Salem, NC


Scott Joplin (Lance and Gracie, 7/2014) in Norfolk, VA


Dogter (Lance and Gracie 2/2016) joins Sandhills sister, K-9 (Lance and Gracie 12/2012) in Hope Mills, NC


Mac (Heather Claire and Angus, 8/2013) joins a Sandhills brother, Duff (Lance and Gracie, 7/2014) in Morehead City, NC


Barclay, (Lance and Gracie, 1/2014) in Raleigh, NC ( below)

 (taken 1/20/20)



Sir Buster and Anne (Lance and Gracie, 7/2013) in Richmond, VA


Brodie (Lance and Scarlet, 6/2014) in Little River, SC


Bruce (Will Wallace and Scarlet 9/2012) in Salisbury, NC


Major Winston (Lance and Gracie, 7/2013) in Martinez, Georgia

Major Manning (Lance and Gracie, 7/13) in Augusta, Georgia

Stella Grace (Tori and Arthur, 7/27/16) in Jacksonville, NC

Sandhills Scottie Monroe is joined by Moby (Tori and Arthur, 7/27/16) in High Point, NC

Watson (Liam and Scarlet 12/2017) in Asheville, NC

Magnus in Garner, NC (Angus and Gracie, February 16, 2017)

Henry ( Robert the Bruce and Hannah May 30, 2017) in Albemarle, NC


Lucy (Liam and Scarlet, 6/12/17) in Southern Pines, NC and below in her batman costume:

Claire (Liam and Scarlet, 6/12/17) in her new home in Fuquay Varina, NC.

Maggie (front left) 5 years old from Scarlet and Lance; Emma (front right) 3.5 years old from Scarlet and Will Wallace; Abby (back right) 3 years old from Gracie and Lance.

Clancy and Annabel (Brodie and Heather Claire 8/25/17) in Goldsboro, NC

and older below:

Fiona (Brodie and Ava, 8/28/17) in Myrtle Beach, SC


Guinness (Brodie and Bonnie 12/17/18) in Virginia and below


Faodail (Heather Claire and Brodie 8/21) in snow in Maryland

Winnie (left out of Liam and Scarlet Feb. 2018) joins Sandhills Scottie Tillie (right out of Gracie and Liam 7/28/15) in PA.


Millie (out of Liam and Scarlet Feb. 2018) enjoys her new playmates in NJ.


Harper after grooming (Brodie and Tori, 7/10/18) in VA.

Jessie and Jocko (Brodie and Roxie 6/2/19) in their new home in Wytheville, VA

Hamish ( Brodie and Ava 10/5/19) graduating from puppy class in Arlington, VA.

Bentley (Brodie and Bonnie, 10/8/19) in Greenville, NC

Finney (Brodie and Heather Claire, 2/13/20) in Charlotte, NC

Figgy ( Brodie and Tessa, 5/9/20) in Folly Beach, SC

Hammie (Tessa and Brodie, 5/9/20) joins half sister, Hattie (Tessa and Piper, 4/14/19) in Easton, Maryland.

Finley (Brodie and Tessa, 5/9/20) in Lexington, SC

Benmont (Malcolm and Tessa 11/24/20) in Lexington, NC

Maggie (Liam and Roxie 1/22/21) in Charlotte, NC

Tillie (Tori and Bagpiper 12/02/20) in Frederick, VA

Winston (Liam and Roxie 01/22/21) enjoying his food in Fayetteville, GA.

Mackenzie Rose (Merrybelle and Bagpiper, 6/21/21)

Harper (Tori and Brodie, 7/10/18) and Gunny (Tessa and Brodie 1/10/22) in Virginia

Brother and Sister, Brodie and Betty (Annie and Brodie 4/8/22) in Tennessee (top and below)

Anne’s girls in GA.  They are the fourth Scotties from me.  They are out of Bonnie and Brodie, 8/17/21.


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