In wait mode

July 9, 2020:  I am waiting for Ava and Heather Claire to come in heat. It may turn out to be August before they come in season.  I have ordered Oxystud, vitamins, for Arthur.  He will turn seven in September.  It has been a while since I used Arthur as a stud.  The last time was in 2015.  He and Ava had some beautiful puppies. Then he and Heather Claire had two puppies.  I plan to keep a male from this mating.  Arthur is half brother to my beloved and much missed Will Wallace.  I want one that looks like Will.

 Arthur and Ava


 Will Wallace


  Archie in FL out of Will and Scarlet


Heather Claire is pictured below:


My newest groomer, Micheala, left PetSmart.  She let me know where she moved so she will be able to do the Scotties I have to give Ace (calming pill) to help relax them.  I am very pleased with her work.  I have to let groomers know that I like long skirts, long beards, and long eyebrow tips.  I brush out three every day.  I give them a treat afterwards.  Ear cleansing is on Mondays.  The couple I had the hardest time with are getting better with it.  I also give them a treat after the cleansing.

Liam is going to be used for stud service on Monday, 7/13/20.  I hope the female will accept him.  However, if she does not, a vet technician from Raeford Animal Clinic, can do an artificial insemination for very little.  I already have the equipment.

Michael’s is doing a framing of a May 1933 magazine with two Scotties drawn my Morgan Dennis – Jock and Jill.  I will pick it up next week.  I really like how a head study of two Scotties turned out with a new red frame to pick up the red collars on them.  It is from England and dates back to the 1930’s.

Website appears safe!

July 2, 2020:  The upgrade of Yahoo does not seem to have affected my website.  I am grateful!  Guinevere was dropped off to be worked in for check of a UTI.  My groomer said she was incontinent, so I will hope it is just that and nothing more serious.  Tessa’s puppies had their nails trimmed yesterday.  I will start giving them baths the day before they are to leave me.  They are big eaters.  Seven of my Scotties are due for exams, boosters, and heart worm tests this month.  They have been scheduled.

I picked up two art pieces I had framed at Michael’s.  One is a 1924 Marguerite Kirmse original etching from 1924.  I am very pleased with them.  I especially like the vintage Scottish
Terrier head study done in colored pencil from England.  It has dried thistle in the bottom right corner.  I replaced the old frame with a red one to bring out the red in the Scotties’ collars. The picture does not do it justice.  It is very pretty.

Food Change

June 24, 2020:  My vet did not recommend using an “all stages” food for puppies.  So, with my young ones and future puppies, I will be using Purina Pro Plan Puppy Shredded Chicken and Rice Formula with Probiotics dry food.  I am always striving to get the best food possible for my puppies.

Royalty in the Scottish Terrier art world

June 22, 2020:   I received a call today from Fred Krupp who is the husband of Marion Krupp.  He called me because he had seen my Scottish Terrier collection on my website.  He wanted to let me know he was selling some of their Scottie things.  It is interesting because after I got off the phone with him I received a book with Scottie collectibles that was illustrated by his wife.  I could not believe I actually received a call from him.  He made note that I had all three Kirmse bronzes.  He had had the three in silver but sold them.

April 20, 2020: God’s Love

April 20, 2020:  In these trying times, we must remember that God loves us, knows our needs, and is in control.  It tells us in His Word, that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.  I must be able to move the universe, because my faith in Him is ever constant with everything in my life.  My favorite Bible verse since I was a child is Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them who are called according to His purpose.

I was sitting in church and a verse in Hebrews struck me. It says, For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and the joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  I said to myself, I wish I could remember this verse.  And in a quiet voice inside my head came the words, it is your birthday – Hebrews 4:12.

Then yesterday, I was on the phone with my mother.  I was facing the sink filling jugs of water which I keep in my bedroom to give the Scotties water rather than having to go to the kitchen or bathroom constantly.  Then I got busy and realized I didn’t know where my phone was.  I went to the kitchen and looked on the counter and everywhere I had gone.  I just couldn’t find it.  I went back to the kitchen to the sink, and said Father, where is my phone?  And just as clear as a bell, the words came: Turn around.  I did and there it was, in front of the microwave!  If I don’t have deep enough pockets, I usually wear a fanny pack.  When I do have to put the phone down, I literally say out loud where I am putting my phone.

When I get anxious in severe weather, I claim the Bible story of Shadrach, Meschach , and Abendigo.  It is one of my favorite stories.

So, in these times take hold of your faith and know that God loves you.

And I tell Him I love him everyday.  And yes, I believe He sent His son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead. I look forward to seeing Jesus.

It is so interesting that I can trace my Scotties’ lineage all the way back to the 1800’s.  I want to know my lineage, and that is the first thing I will ask of my Lord.  A video will do just fine!

I am here now to provide wonderful Scottie companions, and I am honored to do just that.