Jan. 28, 2022: Grooming is over!

January 28, 2022:  Grooming is finally over!  I am so happy.  All mamas have whelped their babies.  I can relax some.  Tessa’s puppies get their dew claws removed today.  I will get pictures later.  Arthur goes this afternoon for his annual.  I have to pick up four boxes of Heart Guard Plus.

A light dusting of snow is due tonight.  I will keep the Scotties in tomorrow since it is going to be so cold.  They weren’t particularly fond of the last snow.

Tori’s puppies:

They are tiny, but the vet said they looked good.  He commented on the brindle one.  I told him I planned to keep him.

Jan. 26, 2022: Tessa has whelped her puppies!

January 26, 2022:  Brodie and Tessa whelped five puppies during the evening.  She had four males and one female.  She has such a beautiful red male that I decided to keep him.  I was wanting to keep a male from Brodie at some point, just didn’t think it would be so soon.  Everyone has been contacted

Jan. 26, 2022: Nesting Behavior Has Started

January 26, 2022:  Tori has started nesting behaviors.  She should be whelping her puppies soon.

It is with much sadness that I announce the passing of Allyson’s little girl.  I don’t know if she had a reaction to the wormer I gave the litter.  No one else was affected.  She will get a black female from Tori’s litter.

Scarlet, Heather Claire and Arthur are at the groomer’s.

Jan. 25, 2022: Happy Birthdays to Ava and Arthur’s Puppies

January 25, 2022:  Happy three-week-old birthdays to Ava’s puppies.  Their eyes are open.  They stir when they hear my voice.  Their weights are:

Fiona:                                         1 lb. 13.4 oz.

Finley:                                        1 lb. 12 oz.

Wheaten male (Melanie):   1 lb. 7.8 oz.

Wheaten male (Karen):       1 lb. 10.6 oz.

They will get their second deworming today.  Below are pictures of the babies:


Tessa’s puppies have received their first deworming.  They are doing well.

Tori should be whelping her puppies soon.

Six more Scotties to be groomed, and that will be over with.  Thank goodness!


Merrybelle after grooming today:

Jan. 24, 2020: Happy birthday to Tessa and Brodie’s puppies

Happy two-week-old birthdays to Tessa’s puppies.  The little girl in the orange collar has her eyes open.  Their weights are:

Wheaten male, light green collar (Gwen):                 1 lb. 6.4 oz.

Wheaten female, white collar (Amanda):                  1 lb. 0.8 oz.

Dark male, green collar (Melanie):                               1 lb. 6.6 oz.

Brindle female, gray collar (Roger):                             1 lb. 2.4 oz.

Dark female, no collar (Joey):                                         1 lb. 5.2 oz.

Dark female, light pink collar (Rita):                             1 lb. 7 oz.

Black female, orange collar (Allyson):                         1 lb. 2.8 oz.


I let some of the Scotties out in the backyard.  There was still some snow on the back deck.  Gracie would have none of this snow.  She kept trying to come back inside.  Well, Gracie at ten, can do anything she wants.  I let her back in.