Jan. 25, 2023: Former Sandhills Scottie

January 25, 2023:  Victoria sent this picture of Gabriel who was born on July 18, 2018, from Brodie and Tori.  It is a shame that Tori is retired.  She and Brodie produced some beautiful puppies.  My Henry is out of Brodie and Tori.

Jan. 24, 2023: Update

January 23, 2023:  Tessa is three weeks from due date.  She is getting bigger.  She is being given puppy food now.

I have been waiting on my fence installation.  Lowe’s only delivered half of my order, so I had to wait until the rest of the materials came in.  The materials will arrive tomorrow.  I am hoping they will resume on Thursday.

Jan. 13, 2023: Update

January 13, 2023:  Bonnie’s puppies start leaving me tomorrow, the 14th.  Then the other three will go on the 15th, 16th, and 17th.

After a month of waiting, my chain-link fence materials are going to be delivered tomorrow.  They will put the fence up on the 17th.  There is a good chance of rain that day, so I will just have to wait and see.

Tessa’s belly is getting larger.

I had a scare with Gracie who turned twelve this month.  On Wednesday, she threw up outside.  She did not eat any supper nor breakfast on Thursday.  I did not want her to become dehydrated, so I put chicken and rice baby food in a syringe and put it down her throat for several times.  Then Thursday night, I added canned puppy food in with her dry food, and she ate every bite.  She has been fine, so far.  I kept her in today, so I could monitor her.

Jan. 9, 2023: Happy Belated Birthdays to Brodie and Bonnie’s Puppies

January 9, 2023:  Happy seven-week-old birthdays to Bonnie’s puppies.  Their weights are as follows:

Purple collar, male, John:                 4 lbs. 11 oz.

Orange collar, male, Dana:                4 lbs. 5 oz.

Green collar, female, Sean:                4 lbs.

Paisley collar, female, Elizabeth:      4 lbs. 6 oz.

I took group pictures outside.


Purple collar, orange collar, green collar paisley collar, top and bottom


Yesterday, I received my delivery of a new washing machine and dryer.  They are Maytag Pet Pro.  The washing machine has an agitator with a canister that collects pet hair.  I am always washing crate pads and potty pee pads.  With my old washing machine and dryer, it was taking all day and into the night to do the laundry.  Now, if I could just get my chain-link fence installed, I would be set.

Tessa is doing fine.  She is not at the place where she needs puppy food.  That will come towards the end of January.

I am so happy that grooming is finished.

I give my Scotties Nuvet wafers and The Missing Link supplement. I had a new bag of the Missing Link powder.  Several of my Scotties were throwing up in the middle of the night.  I smelled the container and it smelled awful.  Chewy refunded the money, and I have a new bag ordered.  I think this powder needs to be refrigerated.

Jan. 6, 2023: Happy January Birthdays

January 6, 2023:  Happy birthdays to the following Sandhills Scotties:

Finley:       1/4/22

Fiona:        1/4/22

Gracie:       1/7/11

Isabella:    1/22/21

Henry:        1/26/22