Dec. 2, 2023: Update

December 2, 2023:  Most people have not responded to my interest request.  I have made notations on my master list of those still interested.  I have made some changes on the waiting list web page.

Merrybelle is in week four of her pregnancy cycle.  During this period, eyes and spinal cords develop.  The faces take shape.  Organogenesis begins.  Embryos are at their most susceptible time for defects.  I am now giving her Fresh Pet food.

Nov. 27, 2023: Working on Waiting List

November 27, 2023:  I am still working on the waiting list.  People are slow to respond.  It will probably take a week to complete.

You never know what you will learn if you do not engage in conversation.  I took my car to a place to get a battery.  I was complaining about this bar across the battery and wondered why would someone put a bar there.  The guy told me it helps deter people from stealing the battery.  I then told him about the Dollar General sign on the entrance door that I alluded to in a previous post.  He told me it was because of his aunt.  She would go in there and steal something everyday.  I asked him if people really take suitcases inside a store.  His aunt, evidently, had a big bag.  She even stole three kiddie pools.  I didn’t know what to say.

Nov. 23, 2023: Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2023:  I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.  After the holiday, I plan to send out emails to the people on my waiting list to see if you are still interested in a Scottie or if you have already found one.  It takes about a week from that point to get the list straight.  The names without a number are the people who wanted to stay on the list but did not want one at the time of my contacting them about an available puppy.

Merrybelle (Bagpiper) is in week three of her pregnancy.  At this point, embryos are implanting inside the uterus.

Grooming begins in December.

Nov. 2, 2023: Exciting News!

November 2, 2023:  Bagpiper and Merrybelle mated today.  I will put them together on upcoming days as long as she is willing to accept him.  The puppies will be due around, January 4, 2023.


Food Lion did not have bags of the coffee I like, so I decided to go to the local Dollar General where I had purchased it last month or so.  I was met at the door with the sign that read:

No purses

No pocketbooks

No bags

No bookbags

No hoodies (without zipper)

No suitcases

I asked the cashier, maybe manager, if I needed to put my pocketbook back in the car.  She told me, no, as long as I wasn’t there to steal anything.  She explained that I could do like she does and put the bank card in the bra.  Though curious, I didn’t ask her about suitcases.

Oct. 11, 2023: News

October 11, 2023:  I feel “lost” right now.  My mother passed away at the age of 99 on October 1st.  I miss my friend and confidante.

Then, Heather Claire passed away last night at the age of twelve.  She was not eating.  I would give her syringes of baby chicken and rice food to keep hydrated.  I gave her a pain pill last night, thinking she might be in pain.

Scarlet’s condition has not improved, but she runs outside in the backyard fence.

For pregnant girls and those over ten, I have been giving Freshpet.  They seem to really like it.