June 25, 2022: Grooming is almost over!

June 25, 2022:  I have three more days of grooming next week.

Three of my girls: Isabella top left, Lily bottom left, and pregnant, Raven on the right.

Roxie starts week five in her pregnancy next week.  Morgan and Raven begin week four around June 29th.

Once grooming is finished, I can begin working on the preparation of the whelping rooms.  I am doing all this and still battling a kidney stone.

June 13, 2022: Pregnancy Timeline

June 13, 2022:  Roxie is at week three on the pregnancy timeline, and Raven and Morgan are on week two.  All Scotties will come in this week at noon because of the heat index.

Malcolm gets neutered tomorrow morning and Annabel gets a pressure recheck on her left eye.  Her bloodwork was normal for one of her age, but I need to have the thyroid checked periodically.

Grooming starts on Wednesday, the 15th, until the end of this month.  The gas alone is going to be a nightmare.

My kidney stone is acting up again.  I don’t feel too well.  I must get the whelping rooms prepared for three litters.

A lady wants to do an AI with Liam.  They have bred as such before, and there was a successful pregnancy.  Except this time, she is coming from Florida where she moved.  I have it set up with Jane on the 22nd.  I only have one to be groomed on that day.

June 3, 2022: I need to learn to be patient.

Brodie and Morgan bred this morning without any help.

My son was able to get the fallen tree sawed and pieces put to the side.

At least the weather is “cooler.”

On the 4th, Raven and Brodie bred naturally.

I received the 34 pound bag PPP Shredded Chicken and Rice with Probiotics today.  I guess everyone had my idea when the Chewy site showed the 34 pound and 18 pound bag out of stock because the six pound bag is now out of stock.  The wonders of technology.

June 2, 2022: More news

June 2, 2022:  First, Jane and I were successful in a natural tie with Brodie and Morgan.  Her puppies will be due, August 4th.

Last week, I pointed out a large barkless dead pine tree with woodpecker holes to my sister who helps with the horses.  I told her I was worried where it might fall.  I woke up this morning and the tree had fallen.  It clipped the edge of the lento metal roof attached to my stalls.  It could have done so much more damage or killed my horses.  I am sure they were scared to death when it hit the ground.  My son leaves for a deployment on Monday.  He is going to try to cut the tree in sections or cut a branch that is in the way and then attach the trunk with a chain and move it that way.

I am getting low in the Purina Pro Plan Shredded Chicken and Rice dry puppy food with probiotics.  I have only found that specific kind at Chewy.  Yesterday evening, I went into my account and pulled up the food.  They were out of the 34 pound and 18 pound bags but had  only six pounds.  I went back to my room and started to think about it.  I could buy four eight pound bags.  The site, not more than thirty minutes later, showed the 34 pound bag in stock.  I bought it, and then this morning, it showed they were out of the 34 pound bags.  Does anybody else have unexplainable situations like that?

Bailey, Brodie, and Ellie leave me Saturday.  They will get their baths and have their nails clipped tomorrow

June 1, 2022: Several things

My earlier posting prediction has come true.  Most of my females are in heat.  Scarlet, who is alpha, is in heat.  I had taken her in to be spayed a few years ago, along with Gracie who was also to be spayed.  She started with Gracie. There was an intestinal blockage, and my vet said she was already there and would take out the hard poop.  So, she was not able to spay Scarlet at that time.  Scarlet is 12 now, and I asked my current vet if spaying her now would hurt her.  He just told me that it may take her longer to recover.  As for the blockage with Gracie, the former vet told me to give her a stool softener.  I give all my Scotties a stool softener, not a laxative, every other day.  It has been amazing what has passed through them.  Years ago, when Lance was seven, he had a blockage.  He had to go to a specialty hospital to get it removed.  The string had perforated 22 inches of his intestine which had to be removed.  Lance lived to twelve and a half.  I had no insurance, and the bill was enormous.  I recommend everyone to get insurance on his or her Scottie puppy.

Tessa is in heat but just had a litter, so I am not breeding her.  Roxie has been in heat and has been bred to Brodie.

Raven is in heat, but neither Brodie nor Bagpiper could enter her.  I knew then that her canal is curved.  I took her to Jane (a Survivor contestant, lasted to third place on season 5), and she did an AI with Brodie.  If the insemination takes, Raven’s puppies will be due August 3rd.

Morgan is in heat.  Her first litter was done AI.  Morgan’s dam, Hannah, had a curvature, so I knew there would be a chance that Morgan could have the same problem.  I spayed Hannah.  Morgan’s second litter was conceived naturally which shocked me because for two years no male could mate her.  She had two puppies.  Morgan will be bred, AI, with Brodie tomorrow.  Brodie is so frustrated.  He let us know in no uncertain terms that he was tired of trying, so Jane did all the work.  After the semen is collected and the tube is inserted and blown into her, I have to hold the female upside down for at least 20 minutes.

I will never forget when I took Arthur to be AI’d with Ava that Jane told me that Arthur was intimidated by me.  Arthur is older and gives up easily.  Ava has been spayed now.

Merrybelle should be coming in heat soon.  She will be bred to Bagpiper because Brodie is her sire.

Malcolm, out of Hannah, carries one mutation for CMO.  He only sired one litter.  He will be neutered on the 14th.  Annabel, who is twelve and never had a litter because she had a closed uterine infection after her second cycle, is going to have a senior profile done on the 8th.  The younger females are wanting to jump her, so I have to keep them separated.

Grooming starts on the 15th through the 30th.

I despise the heat.  I always bring all my Scotties inside at noon when the temperature goes above ninety degrees.  I always worry about snakes.  One was killed by some of my Scotties a couple of weeks ago, and I watched.  It was as long as I am tall.  I regret not trying to save it.