July 18, 2019: Happy 7 week old birthdays to Heather Claire’s boys

July 18, 2019:  Happy seven week old birthdays to Heather Claire’s boys.  I will get pictures tomorrow.  I have three adults who need their exams, boosters, and heart worm tests today.  I am keeping all females in except for the ones who have been spayed, because for some, I think they are coming in heat early – except for Bonnie!

July 17, 2019: Six week checkups for Roxie’s babies

July 17, 2019:  Exams went well.  All are very healthy.

Jessie’s heart being checked


Jocko getting his ears checked


wheaten baby being checked; ears are up!


Gretchen’s baby having his heart checked


Gretchen’s boy has one ear up


Exams over – Jessie and Jocko on the right

Tori is coming in heat.

July 14, 2019: Happy 6 week old birthdays to Roxie’s puppies!

July 14, 2019:  Roxie’s puppies turn six weeks old today.  I will commemorate this event with photos from their six week old checkups at the vet clinic on the 17th.

I have started running the clippers all over the puppies’ bodies – head, body, and tail to get them used to clippers.  If you have clippers, it would not hurt to continue to do this.

Weights are as follows:

Jessie:                      3 lbs. 15. 5 oz.

Jocko:                       3 lbs. 14. 5 oz.

Wheaten F               4 lbs. 6. 5 oz.

Black M                    3 lbs. 10. 5 oz.

Those wheaten girls love to eat!

July 11, 2019: Happy six week birthdays to Heather Claire’s boys/examinations

July 11, 2019:  Happy six week birthdays to Heather Claire’s boys.  Their exams went well – no internal parasites.  They and Roxie’s puppies will get the gradual change from ATOTW puppy food to Purina Pro Plan All Life Stages today.  It comes in just a puppy formula.  However, I am using All Stages for the mamas and the puppies, and I don’t have to switch.

I call the smaller one, Laurel, and the bigger one, Hardy.  Some may have to do the research to see who they were.  Their weights are:

Laurel (blue collar)            2 lbs. 1.5 oz.

Hardy (yellow collar)         2 lbs. 13 oz.


Hardy being examined and receiving vaccination (top and bottom)

Laurel being checked out ( below)

Prayers for California

July 8, 2019:  I am requesting prayers for California due to the recent earthquakes and the big one that is expected to come.  My daughter, Erica, and her husband, Tyler, are in Los Angeles.  She told me when I talked to her after the first one that it was quite scary.  She is doing some summer school assistance at the school where she teaches.  They are told to get under the desks.  I am worried for them.  I know God has them in His hands, but I am still a mother who still worries.