April 11, 2019: Scott Joplin

April 11, 2019:  I am sharing this to show how special Scotties can be.  I received this email today, and it brought tears to my eyes, especially the YouTube video.

I am writing to share an update regarding a Scottie we purchased from you back in 2014, and to thank you for enabling us to be Scottie parents.  He moved with us to Italy in 2017 as my husband is active duty Navy.  I wanted to reach out and let you know that over the last two years one of your Scotties has made an incredible impact with the Naval Support Activity Naples Instillation, bringing  joy to the active duty military and their families stationed here.  Scott Joplin (like many of your Scotties I am sure) is incredibly special!

K. Pagano

April 10, 2019 Countdown

April 10, 2019:  I am on countdown with Tessa’s whelping.  She is now getting the raspberry leaves syrup.  The whelping box and area are ready.

  I have been talking with the owner of Scotland Yard Kennels in Ohio for a male and female.  Lisa wants a male from my breeding with Roxie and Brodie.  I will now have McVan bloodlines as well as Glengala, Anstamm, Stalwart, Charthill, Rococo, Greatscot, Deblin,  and Hycourt.

Liam became a father to a litter of four boys in Moore County.  Liam is a great sire as is Brodie.

Bonnie’s puppies will be leaving me on the 13th and the last one around the 20th.  They are doing wonderful and love lots of attention.  They are kissing me back now.

April 9, 2019: Piper and Roxie’s pedigree

April 9, 2019:  I took a picture of Piper and Roxie’s pedigree since these two have been involved in breeding.  Anstamm Like a Rock and Maryscot Painted Black were 2010 Westminster Best in Show’s Sadie ‘s parents.  Mafioso  was the winner of the World title from Call to Glory bloodlines.

I know it is hard to read, but puppy parents of these two (Piper and Tessa) and (Brodie and Roxie) will get a copy of the pedigrees. I took a section of the pedigree so you can see it better. Hoots is Piper and Roxie’s sire.

You can see Mafioso on You Tube – Argentina Call to Glory

Sadie’s parents

April 8, 2019: Happy seven weeks old to Bonnie’s puppies

April 8, 2018:  Happy seven weeks old birthdays to Bonnie’s puppies.  Hannah turns four on the 14th.  I have a birthday on the 12th.  My sister’s birthday is today.  So, lots of birthday celebrations!

Tessa is at eight weeks on the pregnancy timeline.

Ava is at week four and Roxie is at week one on the pregnancy timeline.  Ava will start getting the boiled egg and cottage cheese on alternating days as is Tessa.

I have ordered my Oxymate prenatal vitamins and Oxymate Momma vitamins for the girls.  I will use Raspberry Tea Leaves syrup now on Tessa’s food.  It eases the delivery process.

April 5, 2019: Waiting List

April 5, 2019:  I am finding people have either found one or not in a position to get a puppy at this time.  So, there may be more filled toward the middle and end of the list.  If you have already found one and are still on my list, please let me know.

Luna, red collar female, left for Greensboro, NC today.  Whiskey, the male, leaves tomorrow for China Grove, NC.