Scottie Things

I am always looking for unique Scottie items. My first posting is a Scottie stool. It is designed by Judith Anne in Midlothian, VA. Her website is: Http:// Phone number is (804) 744-1613.

My Scottie Christmas tree.

This is a decoupage trash can from Agatha and

Fall table display. Pumpkins by Cherry O’Neill at Tail End Productions

Scottish Santas with Scotties. They all have a Scottie with them.

Scottie bowl by Cherry O’Neill at Tail End Productions

Three resin Christmas Scotties

Candle holder by Dana’s Doggies

Scottie Christmas tree, dog house, and train by Danbury Mint

Scottie Nutcracker 34 inches tall

Scottie winter wonderland

Mary Engelbreit spring (Henry statue and weathervane closeup below)

Cherry O’Neill Tailend Productions Lazy Susan

Liam in his new bed from

As anybody knows who comes to meet my Scotties or to pick up a puppy, they can’t help but notice I am an avid Scottie collector. I think this 1930’s bookend is one of the cutest things I have found. The little cowboy reminds me of me when I rode ponies as young as four years of age.


Right side of fireplace display with several Hubleys


Center of fireplace display, large Danbury Mint in back

Left side of fireplace display


Scottie light pull by Mr. D’s Copper Creations:

For special orders call: 843-216-8581 or 843-813-1180


Kirk Stiffler made this operational mailbox. He is on Facebook at K Designs from Altoona, PA. You can also contact him at his email address: His work is flawless! He did my Scottie sleigh and Scottie reindeer and delivered them.

Here are 1939 porcelain German Rosenthal Scotties. They have exquisite detail.







Goebel German Porcelain Scotties



My Scottie sleigh and Scottie reindeer


The following are some items I won in an online auction from an estate sale. The website is Everything but the House (EBTH). You can be alerted when Scottie things are up for auction. The painting, The Hills of the Highlands I Will Forever Love, shows a Scotsman holding a Scottie with others around him on the ground.


Below is a solid marble sculpture:


Below is a bronze sculpture “Going to Ground” by Dannyquest:


In the collection, I also received five Scottie lamps.


Rosenthal Scottie

Metal Scotties on the left of computer table including two figurines of Marguerite Kirmse and three of G. Simon

Metal Scotties on the right side of computer table

1946 German Rosenthal duo

As always, the beautiful artwork of Cherry O’Neill of Tailend Productions

Smaller German Rosenthal porcelain figurines

1960’s Townsend’s ceramic Scottie

Pretty floral Scottie planter


Scottie wagon


Exquisitely detailed Scottie lamp



Scotties looking at a frog lamp by Dannyquest:


Scotsman with two Scotties by Dannyquest:


Marguerite Kirmse etching: “The Milky Way”


Scotsman with a Scottie watercolor picture:


A fox hunting etching with a Scottie treeing a cat, “Look, I’ve Got Him,” by R.H. Palenske.


An original etching by Margery Ryerson, “What’s Wrong Boy” with his Scottish Terrier


1928 Original etching by Morgan Dennis, “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby.”


1920’s rare etching by Morgan Dennis, “You’re Driving Me Crazy.”


Original etching of Morgan Dennis’, “Scram!” There are many prints of this etching.


“So Bad” by Marguerite Kirmse. There are blank notecards made from this particular etching.


“The Pool” by Marguerite Kirmse


“Curiosity” by Marguerite Kirmse


“Scottish Terriers” by Lucy Dawson; This etching came from Scotland.



Original pencil/graphite etching by H. W. Hellings signed and dated circa 1919. This etching came from England.


This is a popular etching by Morgan Dennis, circa 1930. The pair is often seen in old Texaco ads titled, “Listen.” But the actual name of the etching is “When Do We Eat?”



This is a exquisitely detailed limited edition etching of a Scottie by an artist who is unknown (below). The etching is numbered 122/300.




Marguerite Kirmse’s original etching, “The Age of Innocence” 1929

Original etching by a Russian artist:

Marguerite Kirmse original etching: “Innocents Abroad” 1933



Morgan Dennis original etching of “It’s a Wise Child.”

“The Upstart” by Marguerite Kirmse 1923


“Good Morning”  Marguerite Kirmse 1928


Morgan Dennis, “The Little Things in Life”

Marguerite Kirmse, “Him and Me” 1929


Marguerite Kirmse, “Steel Preferred”  1930


Marguerite Kirmse, “The Rising Generation” 1937

My newest Marguerite Kirmse etching:

It’s a Big World