2018 Waiting List



Waiting list contains the initials of people who are currently on a waiting list for a Sandhills Scottie.  The date is the day I was contacted to be put on a waiting list. Let me know if there are any changes that need to be made or if you should find one sooner.  Therefore, the list may not be as long as it appears.  There will be ten breedings next year with no female being bred back to back.  One (Scarlet) is being bred for the last time.  I am finding that some have found one sooner. Also, if you would like a particular female, let me know.  If you are sincerely interested in one from Roxie and Morgan, also let me know since they are higher in price, and I don’t want anyone to have to take one of theirs if they cannot pay that amount.  Thank you.


.   B.S.   NC     1/13/2015    brindle female   (Roxie or Gracie w/RtB) 2019

1.    E.K.   Al       7/1/2016      brindle male     dep. + pd. (decided not to breed female; breeding rights payment going towards male) Paid in full. Next available male. Robert the Bruce and Hannah’s 2018 litter

2.  V.L.    SC     8/12/2016    black male   after October 2017

3.  R.V.    NC    8/25/2016    brindle female (waiting on fence) (later)

4.  B.D.    SC     12/13/2016  light wheaten female (2018) 

     M.F.    VA       12/29/2016  wheaten female (later) have not heard from

 5.  B.M    GA      01/29/2017   male  (wheaten) 

  K.O.    SC      02/17/2017   black male  have not heard from

  M.S.    MD      03/26/2017 black male not have heard from

 6. B.C.   NC      04/14/2017 black female yes

7. G.B.   VA      04/17/2017 black female yes

8. B.A.   NC      05/24/2017 black male  yes

.  D.R. WI      06/02/2017 2 black males (2019) 

9 .  M.H.   GA       06/28/2017 black female (yes)

10.   A.H.    NC       07/10/2017 black female from Roxie yes

11. 12 T.M.     VA       07/17/2017 1 or 2 black or brindle males (2019)

13. C.B.     SC   08/16/17 black or wheaten female  yes

.  L.T.     AZ       08/21/17  wheaten or black female (Bonnie or Hannah) have not heard from

14.  K.B.    MD      08/26/17  wheaten from 2nd breeding of Ava M or F yes

.  S.H.    NC      09/05/17   black male or female have not heard from

.  J.A.    OH       09/11/17  male or female  have not heard from

15.  C.H.   NC       09/20/17  black male

16.  C.W.  NC       10/04/17  red brindle female  yes Robert the Bruce and Hannah’s 2018 litter

.  A.S.   NC       10/11/17  black, either male or female have not heard

17.  T. J.   NC       10/16/17  black male or female

.  L. V.  GA        10/30/17 black male or female  maybe later

18.    L.D.   FL         12/01/17 black female  yes

19.  M.W. WV        12/01/17 black female from Bonnie and Brodie (FBR)

20.  T.G.  NC          12/15/17 wheaten male or female

.  S.S.  LA           12/23/17 black female have not heard from

21.  J.W. NC           01/01/18 black male preferred but open  yes

  B.A.  NC          01/05/18 wheaten  yes  (later)

22.  C.K.  VA          01/05/18 black or brindle female Robert the Bruce and Hannah’s 2018 litter

23.  T.M.  FL.         01/11/18 black female (later) 2nd one Heather Claire

24.  M.H.  FL.         01/11/18 wheaten male  yes

25.  A.P.   FL.         01/18/18 black male yes

26.   L.L.    NC         01/23/18 black or brindle male or female yes

. S.M.   NC         01/25/18 black female  have not heard from

 .  J.M.     NY         01/27/18 black or brindle male  have not heard from

27. 28. S.S. NC       02/12/18  black female and wheaten male or female

black female and wheaten male or female 

.    K.F.    FL.        02/27/18 black male  have not heard from

29. G&A B. GA      03/03/18 any color male

.  B.C.    NC       03/08/18 wheaten male or female  have not heard from

30. S.S.    AL        03/09/18 black male

31. M.S.    PA       03/14/18 black female from Roxie

32.  W.T.   NC       03/15/18 cream wheaten female

33.34.  L.H.    NJ        03/20/18 male/female or two of one sex; black or brindle and one being wheaten

35.  T.P.    NC       03/25/18 black male

36.  K.M.    NH       03/08/18 black male but open to others

37.  L.P.     CO       04/13/18 black male, would consider black female

38. C.F.  VA 04/17/18 brindle female

39. 40. W.B. GA 4/26/18 two males or a male and female black and wheaten

41.    D.J.  NC  5/5/18  black female

42.43. M.H.  GA 5/5/18 black female any color for second one

44.  S.S. NC  5/11/18 black male

45.  B.M. VA  5/22/18 black female

46.  P.S.  SC   5/26/18 brindle female

47.  B.N.  VA 6/2/18 black or brindle male from Tessa and Brodie

48. D.C.   FL  6/3/18 black male

49. C.P.  FL   6/3/18 wheaten male

50.  R.W. NC 6/4/18 black female

51.  N.D.  NC 6/6/18 black female

52.  R.S.   IL  6/10/18 wheaten female

53.  M.C. SC 6/29/18 wheaten female or male