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  Spring grooming begins in March 2018.


Above are Brodie (L) and Bonnie (R)

Bonnie and her dam, Gracie (fall grooming 2016)

Angus being groomed by Fiona who is from Scotland. (March 2017)

Gracie being groomed, spring 2017


Heat Cycle


There are four stages to the heat cycle.  Anestrus is the R and R stage between heats, lasting an average of five to six months.  Proestrus is the onset of heat and discharge.  Most females refuse mating at this time.  Although flirtatious, they discourage males by growling, baring teeth, snapping, running in the other direction or sitting on the "target."  During estrus, the female accepts the male and invites coitus with the male.  This receptive period of four days to a week is when ovulation takes place.  Females will flag (move) their tails to the side or curl them completely over their backs. Males can smell the estrus "perfume" up to three miles from the source.  Diestrus is the is the stage that readies the uterus for pregnancy.  If fertilization doesn't occur, this stage soon reverts to anestrus.  If pregnancy exists, diestrus continues until whelping.  (Successful Dog Breeding, Walkowicz and Wilcox, pp.48-49)


Pregnancy Timeline


Pregnancy timeline – Week 1:  Fertilization occurs. Two cell embryos are in the oviduct.  The embryo is fairly resistant to external interference in development.


Pregnancy timeline – Week 2:  Embryo will be 4 cell at start of week and 64 cell by end of the week. Embryos enter the uterus.

Pregnancy timeline:  Week 3 – Implantation of the embryos.

Pregnancy timeline:  Week 4 – Puppies begin development of eyes and spinal cords.  The faces take shape.  Organogenesis begins.  Embryos are at the most susceptible time for defects.  I will begin to add on alternating days boiled eggs and cottage cheese to the mom to be's dinner meal.  Nipples start to enlarge.


Pregnancy timeline:  Week 5 – Toes, whisker buds, and claws form.  Fetuses look like dogs.  Gender can be determined.  Eyes, previously open, now close.  Organogenesis ends and puppies are fairly resistant to interference with development. 


Pregnancy timeline:  Week 6 – The puppies' skin pigment develops and length and weight increase. 

Pregnancy timeline – seven weeks:  Puppies continue to grow and develop.  Abdomens start shedding.

  Pregnancy timeline: Week 8:  Fetal movement can be detected when mom is at rest.


Bonnie on the left with her best pal, Brodie.   I will use champion sired Brodie as stud for most of my upcoming breedings.


Brodie listening to his talking ball.


Through the window, I captured some of my Scotties enjoying the sun.  I knew if they saw me outside they would run to me.



  Below is a picture of Tori at dusk:


  Bonnie relaxes on the back of a chair:


December 30, 2017:  Tori's puppies looking at Bonnie's puppies:


January 4, 2018:  Boy did we get the snow!  Meteorologists say we got six inches.  I had to take a picture of my Scottie Santa and reindeer Scotties in the snow.


January 7, 2017:  Happy 7 year old birthday to Gracie:


January 10, 2018:  Yea, two days above freezing after a nine day streak of cold temperatures!  Snow is gone.  I put the Scotties out yesterday.  The younger ones ran and kicked up their hind legs, the older ones banged at the back door to come back in.  It was about 34 degrees when I put them out.  I knew it was going to get warmer.  I will get some pictures out of the four remaining puppies a little later after I run some errands.

I hope with these pictures, you can see the quality of a Sandhills' puppy:


Bonnie's puppies go for their six week checkup on Wednesday, January 17th.

Here are some shots of the remaining four outside.  And yes, I have no grass in the front yard, only dirt beneath the straw and dead leaves.  There is grass in the backyard.


January 11, 2018:  Gracie is coming in heat now.  She never did in December.  This will delay her breeding until July.

January 12, 2018:  I have updated my waiting list and reconciled it with my master list with names and addresses.  If you see any mistakes, please let me know so I can rectify it.  


January 13, 2018:  Gracie is in her first week of heat.  Ava and Heather Claire were due in December as well.  They will probably be bred in July rather than June.


January 14, 2018:  It is possible that heat cycles are going to be later than originally stated in my 2018 mating list.  Ava is also in her first week of her heat cycle.  Now, I just have to watch Heather Claire.  Tessa is also in heat and will be bred in January 2019 on her third heat cycle.


January 17, 2018:  No snow here today.  Nothing but rain.  I am thankful for that, but it could ice up tonight.  At 4 p.m., it has started sleeting.  Scotties have enjoyed their stuffed beef hooves.


January 20, 2018:  Beautiful day today.  I always strive to develop a routine with my Scotties.  Fridays are flush the ears day, and Saturdays, they go out one at a time for combing day.  They each get a treat.


January 26, 2018:  Bonnie's boys leave me this weekend.  Gracie and Tessa are coming out of their heat cycle.  Ava is still flagging.  I will keep her away from the males for one more week.


January 27, 2018:  It is so quiet with all the puppies gone. The puppies never whined only little playful barks and growls.  Ava makes enough fuss wanting to mate and to be among the others.  There are lots of Scottie birthdays coming up next month.


January 30, 2018:  Heather Claire is coming in heat, so it will be the end of July or beginning of August when she will be bred.  Bonnie keeps going to the closed master bathroom door and scratches on it to be let in.  She thinks her puppies are in there.  I let her go in there, and then she comes out and seems fine.  She is a fantastic mother.


January 31, 2018:  Where has January gone?  Tomorrow is Heartguard Plus and K-9 Advantix II day.


February 1, 2018:  Scarlet may be coming in heat early.  She will be bred with Liam if she does come in heat.  This will be her last litter.  February brings many birthdays:

Lance                2/2/08       10

Scarlet               2/9/10         8

Guinevere          2/12/08     10

Bonnie               2/13/16        2

Annabel             2/16/10        8

Tucker               2/16/17         1

Tessa                2/16/17         1


February 2, 2018:  Happy Birthday, Lance.  He gets a special treat for his birthday.  Scarlet is not at the point of accepting Liam.

February 4, 2018:  I am beginning to think Scarlet is not coming in heat yet.  She is very snappy which she usually doesn't do when her heat cycle is approaching.  The males are really reacting to her.


February 5, 2018:  Ava is out of her heat cycle.  Heather Claire is still in heat cycle.  Scarlet is not in heat.

February 9, 2018:  Happy Birthday, Scarlet!  She has been a wonderful mother and will have one more litter before I retire her and have her spayed.  She has consistently had beautiful puppies with Will Wallace, Lance, and Liam.  You can see many of her puppies on the Sandhills Scotties in Their New homes Webpage.  Interestingly, she has top and bottom wheatens in her pedigree, but she has never whelped a wheaten.

February 12, 2018:  Happy birthday, Guinevere!  She is a spayed female that turns 10.  Scarlet is acting like she is in heat.  She stood for Liam, but nothing happened.  I am going to have to do a visual check to see if she is really in heat.  This has been going on for a while now.


February 13, 2018:  EXCITING NEWS!  I am NOT losing my mind over these girls' heat cycles.  BUT Scarlet mated with Liam this morning for the first time!  I will put them together in the mornings all week as long as she accepts him.  If matings are successful, puppies will be born in mid-April.  Hannah will be bred around April.  She has an inverted vulvar angle and will have to be bred artificially.  She will also require a C-section.  This will be her last littler.

Second:  Happy birthday to Bonnie!  She turns two today.


February 14, 2018:  Happy Valentine's Day!  Liam and Scarlet bred again this morning.

February 15, 2018:  Liam and Scarlet bred this morning.

February 16, 2018:  Liam and Scarlet bred again this morning.

Happy Birthday to:  Annabel   8

                                Tessa      1

                                Tucker     1

Hopefully, this coming week, my male who will be a half brother to Roxie and with direct bloodlines to Westminster BIS, Sadie, will be born this coming week.

February 17, 2018:  Liam and Scarlet bred for the last time this morning.  I do not want too wide a span between first and last breeding.  Scarlet is very healthy and Liam is full of young energy.

February 18, 2018:  What a beautiful day!  Finally, some sunshine!  I got all dogs brushed out this morning before they went out.  I usually do that on Saturday mornings, but I had several things to do yesterday.

February 20, 2018:  We are at week one on the pregnancy timeline for Scarlet.

February 21, 2018:  My male from Idaho has been born.  He is a full brother to Roxie, Herron's Glorious Roundtown Rock-a-bye Baby.  He will be named Herron's Glorious Roundtown Bannockburn Bagpiper.  He will be called Piper.

February 23, 2018:  Scarlet has been outside the past several days.  She is back to her energetic self.  She runs out the backdoor and takes off with all Scotties following her at a full run.  Tuesdays and Fridays are canned food days.  They love it.  They also get their ears flushed out on Fridays.  New bottles of ear flush are coming from Chewy next week.  In three weeks, Scarlet will get her food changed to A Taste of the Wild Salmon.  At four weeks, I start the egg and cottage cheese on alternative days.  She will get puppy food at five weeks.  I have managed to acquire several original etchings from Marguerite Kirmse and Morgan Dennis.  Check them out on my Scottie things webpage.