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  Summer grooming begins June 16, 2018.  I am waiting until I am sure Hannah’s puppies are doing well.  I like starting about a week sooner.  We do two at a time every other day.


Above are Brodie (L) and Bonnie (R)

Bonnie and her dam, Gracie (fall grooming 2016)



Angus being groomed by Fiona who is from Scotland. (March 2017)

Gracie being groomed, spring 2017


Heat Cycle

There are four stages to the heat cycle.  Anestrus is the R and R stage between heats, lasting an average of five to six months.  Proestrus is the onset of heat and discharge.  Most females refuse mating at this time.  Although flirtatious, they discourage males by growling, baring teeth, snapping, running in the other direction or sitting on the “target.”  During estrus, the female accepts the male and invites coitus with the male.  This receptive period of four days to a week is when ovulation takes place.  Females will flag (move) their tails to the side or curl them completely over their backs. Males can smell the estrus “perfume” up to three miles from the source.  Diestrus is the is the stage that readies the uterus for pregnancy.  If fertilization doesn’t occur, this stage soon reverts to anestrus.  If pregnancy exists, diestrus continues until whelping.  (Successful Dog Breeding, Walkowicz and Wilcox, pp.48-49)


Pregnancy Timeline


Pregnancy timeline – Week 1:  Fertilization occurs. Two cell embryos are in the oviduct.  The embryo is fairly resistant to external interference in development.


Pregnancy timeline – Week 2:  Embryo will be 4 cell at start of week and 64 cell by end of the week. Embryos enter the uterus.

Pregnancy timeline:  Week 3 – Implantation of the embryos.

Pregnancy timeline:  Week 4 – Puppies begin development of eyes and spinal cords.  The faces take shape.  Organogenesis begins.  Embryos are at the most susceptible time for defects.  I will begin to add on alternating days boiled eggs and cottage cheese to the mom to be’s dinner meal.  Nipples start to enlarge.


Pregnancy timeline:  Week 5 – Toes, whisker buds, and claws form.  Fetuses look like dogs.  Gender can be determined.  Eyes, previously open, now close.  Organogenesis ends and puppies are fairly resistant to interference with development. 


Pregnancy timeline:  Week 6 – The puppies’ skin pigment develops and length and weight increase.

Pregnancy timeline – seven weeks:  Puppies continue to grow and develop.  Abdomens start shedding.

  Pregnancy timeline: Week 8:  Fetal movement can be detected when mom is at rest.


Bonnie on the left with her best pal, Brodie.   I will use champion sired Brodie as stud for most of my upcoming breedings.


Brodie listening to his talking ball.


Through the window, I captured some of my Scotties enjoying the sun.  I knew if they saw me outside they would run to me.




  Bonnie relaxes on the back of a chair:


A Sandhills pup:


Roxie and Morgan after their first grooming


April 7, 2018:  I posted this picture on the Memorable Moments page.  I am posting it here too.  Two Sandhills Scotties (different litters) who know what they are bred to do.  I call the picture, “Double Trouble.”  They are in Chapel Hill, NC.


April 8, 2018:  Pregnant with her last litter.  She has been a terrific mom.



Robert the Bruce and Hannah


April 16, 2018:  You may be noticing my website is different.  Things are grouped, and you need to hover over areas to find things.  My daughter-in-law did the changing.   I took a picture this morning.  I call it “The Youngbloods.”  They are in this order:

Heather Claire, Roxie, Morgan, Robert the Bruce, Liam, Tessa, and Arthur










Bonnie and Piper enjoy playing:



May 9, 2018:  EXCITING NEWS: Brodie and Tori mated for the first time today. Puppies will be due anywhere from the 1oth to 13th of July.  Tori pictured below:



May 22, 2018:  Happy 5th week birthday to Millie and Winnie.  They are adorable as the picture shows.  

One should check out Call to Glory’s You Tube video.  Roxie and Piper have Mafioso and Vendetta in their bloodlines. Very pretty Scotties. 

May 30, 2018:  I had not planned for this to happen but Brodie and Bonnie mated today.  I was thinking she was out of heat and left them together.  Bonnie is young and can handle another litter.  Puppies will be due August 1, 2018.  Happy one year-old birthday to Morgan!

May 30. 2018:  Millie is on the left and Winnie is on the right.  They are beautiful, sweet puppies.


June 2, 2018:  The Scotties were barking nonstop yesterday.  I looked out and there was no one or no other dog around.  I went to the side of the fence where I could look under the deck and can see the crawl space that is blocked up.  I am almost 100% certain I saw an albino snake at the top of the vent.  I worry about poisonous ones and my Scotties, and I don’t want them to kill the nonpoisonous ones either.  After I got the Scotties in, I went to the space under the deck and didn’t see any dead snake, but the dogs had removed the vent that is propped up with a metal stake with a cinder block to position it in place.


June 3, 2018:  

I spent the afternoon cutting up the Scottie fleece material that I give for the puppies.  I have a seamstress surge around the edges.  I am picking up a large amount of blankets and bandanas from her Tuesday.  I have been trying to get up with her for weeks.  I finally got a hold of her daughter who said she had been in the hospital.  I listened to Braveheart CD and felt right at home listening to the bagpipes.  It is so funny getting the reactions of the Scotties I have inside at the time.  They hear the talking and will look at the stereo in confusion.  They bark when the music sounds like war.  It is like thunder to them.

June 4, 2018:    I have made changes in the deposits due on the Contact page.

Millie is on the left and Winnie is on the right at seven weeks

June 6, 2018:  My vet advised me unless I was witnessing excessive urination or straining to urinate, it would be better not to do the tubing to get a urine sample.  I am just hoping Hannah does not go into labor early where I would have to go to an emergency vet at 3 a.m. in the morning. I would have a 30 minute ride.  Scarlet had her puppies beginning at that time on her scheduled due date. Below is a top view of Hannah where you can see her roundness.

June 7, 2018:  Millie and Winnie have had their baths and nails filed.  They leave me tomorrow.  I am keeping a close eye on Hannah.

June 8, 2018:  Winnie and Millie have left me now. I miss them. Whelping box and room are now ready for Hannah.  As of Wednesday 6/6, Bonnie is at week one.  She was only bred once.  Tori is at week four.  I am using May 11, 2018 – mid-week of Tori’s breedings.

June 9, 2018:   I had a feeling that Hannah was going to go in labor this weekend and asked one of the vets in my clinic to do the C-section on Thursday.  The day for whelping was to be June 12th.  But I just had that feeling.  The vet said the longer in the oven the better.  At 1 a.m. this morning, Hannah went into labor.  The emergency clinic recommended by the vet was in Vass.  They said it would be $2000.00.  I had all the money for a regular during normal hours visit as Hannah had had a C-section this time last year.  I checked with Animal Urgent Care in Fayetteville, and they were much cheaper.  So, I packed Hannah in the crate and headed to Fayetteville.  I take Hannah out of the crate, and she had had a puppy.  I went inside and was asked if I wanted their assistance, and I said I would like to have an X-ray to see how many to expect.  There were four still inside.  I decided to go back home, and on the way, she had the second one.  At 8:00 a.m., she had not had any more, and I headed back to Animal Urgent Care.  I had felt the puppy’s head and knew that it was stuck.  The vet told me she would try to take the puppy out which she did and the beautiful little black female did not make it.  She did an ultrasound, and she stated the other two  were alive.  We agreed that spaying was necessary and that procedure was done as well.  I went back home and began bottle feeding the two Hannah had had naturally.  I was to return at 4:00 to pick her and the two puppies up.  I felt so bad for Hannah, and I was also exhausted.  If they make it, I am keeping a male.  They are all brindle.  I am not going to contact anyone until I know they are going to survive.  It will take bottle feeding as well.  I looked on Revival’s website for pregnant females and saw a tubing paste of colostrum which I bought on the spur of the moment – knowing but not knowing that I would need it. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  

June 9, 2018:  So far, so good.  I am also bottle feeding.  Every time I check, they are all under her.  I am going to try to get her or catch her on her side, so that I can tell they are all nursing.  I am still doing the bottle feeding, but they do not like it.  I am going to try to change to a softer nipple and see if that helps. There are two boys and two girls.

June 11, 2018:  Hannah and the puppies seem to be doing well.  There is one little female I am concerned about.  I am bottle feeding nearly every hour.  I even had her latched onto a nipple  from which she sucked.  The puppies will get their dew claws removed tomorrow morning.  Below are pictures of the puppies and one with Hannah:

June 12, 2018:  Puppies have now had their dew claws removed.  The little female is a fighter.  She is nursing and taking to the bottle very well.  I am beginning to relax some now.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

June 13, 2018.  Bonnie is at week two in her pregnancy if mating was successful.  Tori will be at week five tomorrow.  Her nipples are enlarging.  Puppies are doing well.  I check on them every hour to make sure they are all right.  I have taken a picture of the girls and one of the boys:



Since Hannah has been spayed which I predicted would need to happen, I am keeping a male.  I want to keep going the Glengala bloodlines from Robert the Bruce and all the champions in Hannah’s bloodlines.  Again thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Piper gets his booster and rabies shot today.

June 14, 2018:  Tori is at five weeks gestation.  She and Bonnie both get a supplement for pregnant females.  Hannah gets one for post whelping.  Tori is getting much bigger.  The puppies are doing well, and Hannah is a fantastic mother.  I took a picture of the puppies this morning. The little female is on top of her brother in the upper right of the picture.  The other male and female are at the bottom of the picture.  All are nursing well.  I will get weights on them on the 16th.

I am a little concerned about the heat coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  It seems like Raeford is always the hottest of all the surrounding areas.  When it gets that hot, I bring the Scotties in at noon.

June 15, 2018:  Puppies are doing well.  I still check on them every hour.  I will get weights tomorrow which marks their week old birthdays.  Tori’s and Bonnie’s nipples are increasing.  Tori is looking larger.  She is getting the cottage cheese and boiled egg on alternating days.  Tomorrow, I will begin grooming.  I will start with Scarlet and Rob Roy.  As you can see in the picture, all puppies are nursing well, including the little female that does not have a Velcro collar.  She has had one, but it kept sliding down her body.

June 16, 2018:  Happy one week old birthdays to Hannah’s puppies.  Their weights are:

Baby girl:                         7.4 oz.

Female yellow collar:    11 oz

Male green collar:          13.4 oz.

Male blue collar:             9.8 oz

Hannah is an awesome mother.  She is eating well.  She has access to food and water at all times.

Rob Roy and Scarlet were groomed today.  Two more will go Monday.  I have gotten back some of my energy.  I washed five Scotties this afternoon.


June 17, 2018:  Happy Father’s Day.  I just feel the need to address this day.  My father passed away a little over 20 years ago at the age of 93.  He waited to age 55 to get married, and my mother was twenty years younger.  My mother is 94.  God and my parents blessed me with ponies that I rode at age 4.  I got my first horse at age 12.  When I went off to college, my dad fed the horses for me.  But besides that, some of my fondest memories with my father was quail hunting.  I loved watching those pointers work  – that pose, with tail straight and front leg raised.  I never shot the birds, but my task was to watch for where the singles went. I remember the flutter of the covey’s wings. I knew how to distinguish between male and female.  I know the call of the male quail versus the female quail.  Every once and a while, I hear a bob white.  It stops me in my tracks, for I know my Heavenly Father is letting me know that my earthly father is watching over me.  So, Happy Father’s Day, Dad, and for giving me some wonderful memories.

Scottie news:  Will’s arthritis was acting up yesterday.  He didn’t even want to climb up the steps to the bed.  I gave him some Metacam, and he ran to the back door to go out this morning.  I still gave him some Metacam this morning.  Since he is my oldest, I give him a treat as he goes out the door.  Hannah, puppies, Tori, and Bonnie are all doing well. Well-fed and contented puppies:

June 18, 2018:  Two more Scotties groomed today – Heather Claire and Liam.  All were brought in at 11:30.


June 19, 2018:  Puppies are getting around well.  I will be adding toys at the end of this week.  I caught little girl sleeping on her back.  She is with her sister.

I don’t think it will be long before Gracie comes in heat.


June 20, 2018:  Guinevere and Will Wallace were groomed today.  They did very well considering they are older and more set in their ways.  Bonnie is at week three on the pregnancy timeline.  Tori will be at week six during this week.  Puppies are growing.  It won’t be long before their eyes open.  All Scotties are inside because of the heat.


June 21, 2018:  I leave my camera in the whelping room so I can get pictures immediately without disturbing the puppies’ positions.  Following are four I took this morning:

Top contains all four. Below are the two girls.

Top is male green collar on back and below is male blue collar:

They will get their first deworming on Saturday.  Tori is getting much bigger, and Bonnie is her same little square shape.


June 22, 2018:  Brodie and Bonnie were groomed today.  Puppies are responding to sound and to me.  They go to their own little spots and are huddling less together.


June 23, 2018:  Happy two week old birthdays to Hannah’s puppies.  They did not like their dewormer this morning.  They are steadily growing.  Their weights are:

male, blue collar             15.6 oz.

male, green collar           1 lb. 5.4 oz.

female, yellow collar      1 lb. 2.2 oz.

baby girl                           14. 2 oz.

They love sleeping on their backs:

I will do different types of shots once their eyes open next week. I am going to add a collar to baby girl so she will be used to it, especially when I change over to real collars.

Tori’s whelping box has been set up and room is ready for her. Next week I will start adding cottage cheese and egg to Bonnie’s food.