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  Summer grooming begins June 2018.


Above are Brodie (L) and Bonnie (R)




Bonnie and her dam, Gracie (fall grooming 2016)

Angus being groomed by Fiona who is from Scotland. (March 2017)

Gracie being groomed, spring 2017


Heat Cycle

There are four stages to the heat cycle.  Anestrus is the R and R stage between heats, lasting an average of five to six months.  Proestrus is the onset of heat and discharge.  Most females refuse mating at this time.  Although flirtatious, they discourage males by growling, baring teeth, snapping, running in the other direction or sitting on the “target.”  During estrus, the female accepts the male and invites coitus with the male.  This receptive period of four days to a week is when ovulation takes place.  Females will flag (move) their tails to the side or curl them completely over their backs. Males can smell the estrus “perfume” up to three miles from the source.  Diestrus is the is the stage that readies the uterus for pregnancy.  If fertilization doesn’t occur, this stage soon reverts to anestrus.  If pregnancy exists, diestrus continues until whelping.  (Successful Dog Breeding, Walkowicz and Wilcox, pp.48-49)


Pregnancy Timeline


Pregnancy timeline – Week 1:  Fertilization occurs. Two cell embryos are in the oviduct.  The embryo is fairly resistant to external interference in development.


Pregnancy timeline – Week 2:  Embryo will be 4 cell at start of week and 64 cell by end of the week. Embryos enter the uterus.

Pregnancy timeline:  Week 3 – Implantation of the embryos.

Pregnancy timeline:  Week 4 – Puppies begin development of eyes and spinal cords.  The faces take shape.  Organogenesis begins.  Embryos are at the most susceptible time for defects.  I will begin to add on alternating days boiled eggs and cottage cheese to the mom to be’s dinner meal.  Nipples start to enlarge.


Pregnancy timeline:  Week 5 – Toes, whisker buds, and claws form.  Fetuses look like dogs.  Gender can be determined.  Eyes, previously open, now close.  Organogenesis ends and puppies are fairly resistant to interference with development. 


Pregnancy timeline:  Week 6 – The puppies’ skin pigment develops and length and weight increase.

Pregnancy timeline – seven weeks:  Puppies continue to grow and develop.  Abdomens start shedding.

  Pregnancy timeline: Week 8:  Fetal movement can be detected when mom is at rest.


Bonnie on the left with her best pal, Brodie.   I will use champion sired Brodie as stud for most of my upcoming breedings.


Brodie listening to his talking ball.


Through the window, I captured some of my Scotties enjoying the sun.  I knew if they saw me outside they would run to me.




  Bonnie relaxes on the back of a chair:


A Sandhills pup:


Roxie and Morgan after their grooming

First picture of Herron’s Glorious Roundtown Bannockburn Bagpiper.  He is a full brother to Roxie and will become a part of the clan the end of April or beginning of May.  He is coming from Idaho.



April 5, 2018:  Here is a new picture of Piper:  He will be coming April 25th.


April 6, 2018:  All Scotties are enjoying the day outside.  Tomorrow will be rainy, so they will stay inside and enjoy their stuffed beef hooves.  They love those things.  I am still keeping Roxie and Morgan in and away from males.  I usually keep females in heat away from the others for three weeks.  The males and females themselves let me know when all is back to anestrus.

April 7, 2018:  I posted this picture on the Memorable Moments page.  I am posting it here too.  Two Sandhills Scotties (different litters) who know what they are bred to do.  I call the picture, “Double Trouble.”  They are in Chapel Hill, NC.


April 8, 2018:  Scarlet is increasing in size.  This is the last week I will let her outside.  I will begin the red raspberry leaves syrup on the 12th in her evening meal. This is a natural herb that helps in the whelping process and helps keep the mama calm.  I sometimes give my mares dried raspberry leaves before the farrier comes.  Below is a photo I took of her yesterday enjoying the beef hoof.


April 10, 2018:  Hannah was artificially inseminated today.  We got 24 cc’s in her.  Her puppies will be due June 12th if she becomes pregnant;




April 14, 2018:  Happy Birthday to Hannah.  She is three years old today.  


April 16, 2018:  You may be noticing my website is different.  Things are grouped, and you need to hover over areas to find things.  My daughter-in-law did the changing.  Scarlet has been going under the bed, so I now have her in the whelping room.  She did eat breakfast, and she has not started any nesting behavior – scratching and tearing up bedding or pads.  I took a picture this morning.  I call it “The Youngbloods.”  They are in this order:

Heather Claire, Roxie, Morgan, Robert the Bruce, Liam, Tessa, and Arthur


April 17, 2018:  Around 3 a.m. this morning, Scarlet whelped two female puppies.  They are doing great so far.









Scarlet’s day old puppies (4/18/18)

April 18, 2018:  Scarlet’s puppies get their dew claws removed tomorrow.  I am supplementing Scarlet’s diet with cottage cheese, chicken, and boiled egg for calcium and protein support.