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Winter grooming begins December 12, 2017.


Above are Brodie (L) and Bonnie (R)

Bonnie and her dam, Gracie (fall grooming 2016)

Angus being groomed by Fiona who is from Scotland. (March 2017)

Gracie being groomed, spring 2017

Pregnancy Timeline


Pregnancy timeline – Week 1:  Fertilization occurs. Two cell embryos are in the oviduct.  The embryo is fairly resistant to external interference in development.


Pregnancy timeline – Week 2:  Embryo will be 4 cell at start of week and 64 cell by end of the week. Embryos enter the uterus.

Pregnancy timeline:  Week 3 – Implantation of the embryos.

Pregnancy timeline:  Week 4 – Puppies begin development of eyes and spinal cords.  The faces take shape.  Organogenesis begins.  Embryos are at the most susceptible time for defects.  I will begin to add on alternating days boiled eggs and cottage cheese to the mom to be's dinner meal.  Nipples start to enlarge.


Pregnancy timeline:  Week 5 – Toes, whisker buds, and claws form.  Fetuses look like dogs.  Gender can be determined.  Eyes, previously open, now close.  Organogenesis ends and puppies are fairly resistant to interference with development. 


Pregnancy timeline:  Week 6 – The puppies' skin pigment develops and length and weight increase. 

Pregnancy timeline – seven weeks:  Puppies continue to grow and develop.  Abdomens start shedding.

  Pregnancy timeline: Week 8:  Fetal movement can be detected when mom is at rest.


Bonnie on the left with her best pal, Brodie.   I will use champion sired Brodie as stud for some of my upcoming breedings.


Brodie listening to his talking ball.

Below is Tori's pedigree:

Tori enjoying a day inside:


Brodie (left) and Tori (right) prior to grooming:


October 28, 2017:  All puppies with the exception of Heather Claire's, Faodail, have gone to their new homes.  I am putting Morgan with Faodail in the master bathroom to keep her company.  She is due to leave on the 18th of November.  I will have to come up with another plan for a couple of days since Tori is due to whelp around the 16th.  Her mammary glands are definitely enlarging.


October 31, 2017:  Time seems to be flying!  In a little over two weeks, Tori is due to whelp.  She is getting larger and has a big appetite.  Bonnie is still picky but did eat the cottage cheese.  At supper, they will have boiled chicken along with puppy food this evening.

Through the window, I captured some of my Scotties enjoying the sun.  I knew if they saw me outside they would run to me.



November 2, 2017:  The Scotties and I are enjoying the fall weather.  Tonight moms to be will get a boiled egg with their dry food.  On the 9th I will add red raspberry leaves syrup to Tori's food.  The syrup is a natural aid for whelping females.  Bonnie is eating better now.  This will be her first litter.  Bonnie's sire is Sir Lancelot.  Her dam is Gracie.

November 3, 2017:  Bonnie ate her full breakfast this morning with no wet food added.  It looks like her appetite is picking up.

Here is a picture of Bonnie from the side view:


Here is a front view of Bonnie:


November 4, 2017: Bonnie ate well tonight.  Her mammary glands are increasing.  Tori continues to eat well.  I wouldn't be surprised if Tori does have a wheaten since Heather Claire is her dam, and her granddam is Scarlet who is a wheaten.


November 5, 2017:  Bonnie has completely gotten her appetite back.  Tori is getting bigger with each passing day.  Below is a picture of her at dusk:


November 6, 2017:  Bonnie relaxes on the back of a chair:


November 8, 2017:  Today is a cool, rainy day, and we all stayed inside.  The moms to be will have boiled chicken this evening.  They are both eating well and getting larger.  In a few days, Tori will start staying inside as whelping day gets closer.

A very pregnant Tori gives me the look as if saying, "Why did you let this happen to me?"


Another angle of Tori and her bulging belly:


November 10, 2017:  Yesterday was a day of misery – a migraine and the realization I have another kidney stone, this time for the first time on the left side.  I couldn't keep anything down, and the pain was excrutiating.  Tori received her cottage cheese with the red raspberry tea leaves syrup.  Her mammary glands are very large.  After today, I will keep her inside.  I will set up the whelping box this weekend.  So this time next week, there should be puppies!

November 11, 2017:  Thank you all your veterans out there, including my son, for serving this country.

November 12, 2017:  We are on puppy countdown.  I have taken a top view of Tori.  She looks like she is about to pop.


November 13, 2017:  Tori is whelping beginning at 6:45 a.m.! So far, she has had two black males, two dark brindle females and one black female.  As they progress the coloring could change, but as of now they appear to be black and dark brindle.


Tori's day old puppies:

The boys are in the dark and light blue collars.  The others are the girls.


November 16, 2017:  Tori's puppies had their dew claws removed yesterday.  It is hard getting a shot of them because Tori just hovers over them.  The black males have on the dark blue and light blue collars.  The brindle females have on the yellow and orange collars.  The black female has on the purple collar.  They are all doing well.


November 18, 2017:  Here is another similar shot of Tori's six day old puppies.  They are nursing good and staying close to the heating blanket.  Bonnie continues to get egg and cottage cheese and is getting bigger.


November 19, 2017:  Bonnie shows off her round belly:


November 20,2017:  Happy one week old birthdays to Tori's puppies:


November 22, 2017:  The puppies are getting bigger each day.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I give thanks to God for everything I have.  To Him I owe the honor.

November 24, 2017:  Tori left the room and I was able to get some pictures.  Monday at their two week old pictures, I will be adding their weights.  They are really growing.  The puppy without a collar is a black male.  I can't find his collar but will look when I change their pads again.


November 26, 2017:  We are on whelping countdown which can begin any time this week.  I started Bonnie on the red raspberry leaves syrup on Saturday.  She is huge, and I am praying for a smooth delivery.  This is her first litter.


November 27, 2017:  Happy two week old birthdays to Tori's puppies.  They received their first deworming today.  Their weights are:

male (light blue collar)       1 lb. 8.4 oz.

male (no collar)                  1 lb. 9.4 oz.

female (purple collar)         1 lb. 12.4 oz.

female ( yellow collar)        1 lb. 5.6 oz.

female (orange collar)        1 lb. 10.8 oz.


The three girls with a shirt sent by one of the puppy parents.

All five.  You can start to see the brindle in the two brindle girls.


November 30, 2017:  The puppies' eyes are beginning to open.  They continue to grow.


Bonnie has started her nesting behavior.  I will keep a close watch on her.  It is 11:35 pm, and Bonnie is having her puppies.  The first one, a male, came out easy.  The second male was breech, and I had to help her whelp him.  He was stillborn.  During the night, she had one female that was stillborn and a male.  So Bonnie has two black males.  The whelping was very difficult, and this is the first time I have had to go up in the female to assist in delivery.  I am heartbroken that the two biggest puppies did not make it.


12/2/17:  Bonnie's puppies are doing well.  Their nursing is good,  Bonnie hardly leaves their sides even to eat or drink.  She is doing a wonderful job.



December 4, 2017:  Happy three week old birthdays to Tori's puppies.  As you can see in the picture, eyes are open.  They will get their second deworming today.  I have also posted their weights below:

male dark blue collar          2 lbs. 3 oz.

male light blue collar          2 lbs. 4 oz.

female purple collar           2 lbs. 5 oz.

female yellow collar           1 lb. 12.2 oz.

female orange collar          2 lbs. 2.5 oz.


December 5, 2017:  Scotties doing what they were bred to do.  I let the dogs in around 4:30 to feed them.  I got them all in and crated and then went to be back door to bring in their water bowls.  And I said, "Hmmm… I don't recognize that dog toy and its colors.  I looked closer and realized I was looking at the midsection of an enormous snake with no head or tail.  It was awful.  You know it had to be big for me to initially think it was a dog toy!  Unfortunately, I think it might have been a king snake which I hate.  They keep the other ones away.


December 6, 2017:  Tori's puppies got their first taste of wet food and goat's milk.  They loved it!


Bonnie's puppies are enjoying the warmth of the heating pad:


Well, the Scotties brought the tail end of the snake onto the back deck.  Will I see the head section tomorrow?


December 7, 2017:  Tori's puppies are really enjoying the wet dog food.  They lap it up quite quickly.


December 8, 2017:  Happy one week birthdays to Bonnie's boys:


I know you cannot tell from the pictures yet, but all of Tori's puppies are getting thick coats of hair.  They will be beautiful!


December 10, 2017:  Tomorrow Tori's puppies will be four weeks old.  I plan to have them checked and vaccinated by my vet on Wed., Dec. 27th.  I have changed their Velcro collars to real collars.  The female with the purple collar still has a purple collar.  The female with the orange collar will now have a green, yellow, and orange striped collar.  The female with a yellow collar still has a yellow collar.  The male with the dark blue collar now has a red collar, and the male with the light blue collar now has a green collar.  Pictures will be taken tomorrow.


December 11, 2017:  Happy four week old birthdays to Tori's puppies!  They are eating wet food twice a day, and bedding gets changed and washed twice a day.  Their weights are:

male: dark blue collar, now red                2 lbs. 7.5 oz.

male: light blue collar, now green             2 lbs. 13 oz.

female:  yellow collar                                2 lbs. 3.5 oz.

female: orange collar now rainbow           2 lbs. 10 oz.

female: purple collar                                  2 lbs. 15.5 oz.


I have taken group shots and individual shots.  They are absolutely gorgeous!


Male red collar:

Male green collar:

Female rainbow collar (was orange)

Female purple collar:

Female yellow collar:

They will get their six week checkups and vaccinations on December 27, 2017.