Memorable Moments

Doolittle sleeping in his food bowl.  Parents are Brodie and Heather Claire

Two Sandhills Scotties sleep in sync.

Faodail poses for her "school"  picture

Baron mugging for the camera by sticking his tongue out at me.

Sharon's boy ventures up the steps.

Archie looking debonair with the red accents against the black and white

The ever so gentle giant, Highlander Angus McDuff

My Lady Morgan's Moonlight Masquerade with an awesome championed pedigree

Will (left) with his beloved Sadie MacBeth who passed away in 2009.

The timber rattle snake about 5 yards from my Scotties in the back yard


It doesn't matter how you sleep, just do what's comfortable.

The many, many six week checkups


Getting my Scottie sleigh in 2016 from Kirk Stiffler who personally delivered it from Pennsylvania.

Tori's puppies looking at Bonnie's puppies (and me) 2018





Another puppy (Finlay) poses with the Scottie statues (2018).

Waiting our turns for vet exam