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Emails from 2014 puppy parents:

Robbie in Georgia writes:

Abby's vet was so impressed with her.  She said that Abby had a great coat, good teeth, and great bone structure.  She said overall, Abby was one of the best puppies she had seen in a long time.  The vet said she was also on a good dog food.  (I have my dogs and puppies on Orijen). Abby's owner said she is very social and loves everyone.

Emails received from 2012 puppy parents

Hi Jane,

MacDuff is doing wonderfully!  Our vet was so taken with him and said that he is perfect.  I'm sure that is no surprise to you.  Honestly, I believe he is the smartest dog I've ever adopted.  He slept with me on Thursday night, and when I introduced him to the crate yesterday, he went in readily, played in it, and allowed me to close the door as he chewed on his bully stick.  (By the way, the bully stick is SO my friend.  When Duff gets tired, he will chew on it as I sit beside him and fall asleep).  He slept in the crate on my bed last night without fuss.  He didn't wake up until around 5:30 this morning, at which time I took him out to potty, and he quickly went back to sleep for another hour thereafter.

We're still working on a schedule of napping, play, and potty time.  I'm sure it will all come together.

Ruby (our Doberman) and Duff are still checking each other out while I hold Duff.  Once we tried putting MacDuff on the floor, and he quickly barked and jumped at Ruby.  NO FEAR!!!  Ruby seemed a bit frightened but seems to respect that Duff is Mommy's "new baby."  We were able to get a small bag of TOW-Wetlands dry food today.  Thanks so much for the large bag of food and all of the goodies in Duff's going home bag.  It was such a thoughtful gesture.  I'm also looking forward to reading my manual which I know will be invaluable.

Jane, I truly cannot thank you enough for your commitment and TLC evidenced in every aspect of the adoption of MacDuff.  Your love for your dogs and passion as a breeder are unsurpassed.  And I'm serious about bringing MacDuff back to visit if convenient for you.  After all, you and the pack are his first family.  I am so happy and blessed to be his other mom now, and I will love and care for him so as to make you, Scarlet, and Lance proud.

Meredith  (May 12, 2012)


Emails 2011


We are thrilled with MacDougal.  He is as sweet as he can be.  He was very good on the ride home and ate supper and has been playing with toys.  I know he will miss his sister at bedtime.

Thank you so much for the great notebook full of info.  What a wonderful thing to do, and we will enjoy having it.  It will be my "Scottie Dr. Spock."  I love the bag and of course, thank you for the goodies.  Thanks for the cute shortbread.  I love scottie anything and have never seen the scottie shortbread before.

MacDougal is doing well with his potty training, thanks to you and the papers.  He knows what he is supposed to do outside and goes to the back door where I have the papers.  He has very few "accidents."  He is a riot outside and loves to explore as you can guess.  He is really a beautiful puppy and such a love.  He sure has given us a new lease on life.


Dearest Jane and family,

We so much enjoyed being with you and Joel last Friday.  You are so like family to us.  We got Lizzie home, and she has been the best thing for us.  She sleeps with us and is doing great with the house training.  She has had a few mishaps but only when one forgets to follow the guidelines.  She has adapted really well with Rizzo the lab and Crooner the Pomeranian.  She is so much fun and seems to enjoy us too.  Thanks for everything.

Love to all,




Dear Jane,
Over 14 years ago your dog's Jacques Oleary McGregor and Miss Molly Macguire II had a litter on 4-15-95 that included a male that, when I met you, you called "Tanner."  I was only 19 at the time newly married and newly moved to North Carolina and had a one year old male poodle terrier mix named Mo.  My husband at that time decided Mo needed a companion and we met with you in parking lot somewhere in Fayetteville NC to make the purchase.  The one thing I remember most about that meeting was you seemed concerned about the fact that we lived in a small apartment but allowed us to take the puppy anyway.  On paper he became Jefferson Tanner McCloud but was known as Jeff.  I promise to try to keep this as short as possible.  Early on he was the destroyer of furniture, I still have a few remaining pieces with teeth marks.  He and Mo were best friends always together.  Four and half years went by and when my husband came to me and said he wanted a divorce I didn't ask him why, or to stay, my exact words were "I get the dogs."  Lucky for me we had no children and he didn't put up any fight for Mo or Jeff.  The next year and a half were hell trying to divorce the man who wanted to leave me (the grass wasn't so green) and trough what would seem to be the hardest time of my life so far, Mo and Jeff stuck by my side.  Even when I didn't think I could get out of bed that day, I did, for them.  Even when it didn't seem I had any reason to come home at night, I did, for them.  They were by my lonely side for the next 3 years until I met Justin and married a man who loved my dogs almost as much as me.  We have an 18 month old baby named Savanah now and Mo and Jeff were there to meet their "sister" when she came home from the hospital in February 2008.  On November 12, 2008 after a long battle with heart disease we lost Mo.  He was almost 15.  It didn't take long to notice the impact this had on Jeff.  At 14 and half years old he was almost deaf, incontinent, and grieving the loss of his best bud.  The vet found a small mass on his prostate and within a month it had grown and spread to his bladder and rendered him unable to walk.  On September 12, 2009 we chose to end Jeff's suffering.  I decided to write to you and tell you this because as much as I know I will always think about Jeff I began to think how often you must wonder about the puppies you breed.  I wanted you to know that if you were worried that day I purchased Jeff from you, you didn't have to be.  You will never know the impact that day had in my life and until the last 2 days I didn't know it's depth.  Because of Mo and Jeff I have known true unconditional LOVE.  They were there for me till the end of their lives and I held them both as they passed and I now know that this is the hardest time of my life so far.  I want to thank you for giving me such a wonderful friend.  I want you to know that he, as I'm sure all of your dogs are, was loved.


 Hi Jane!

I want to tell you how much I love the two beautiful puppies I got from you.  They are wonderful dogs–so healthy, loving, and calm.  They both have such wonderful personalities and are growing into truly beautiful dogs.  I know that they will be a joy all their lives!  I am so happy that I bought the dogs from you–you are an excellent breeder, and I would recommend you to anyone.  Thank you too, for your kindness in helping me with the puppies until I got back from France.  That was really nice of you and made such a difference with me!  When I get back your way (around Thanksgiving) I will call you and come by so you can have a visit with the puppies.  See you soon and many, many thanks again for the precious Scotties!

Becca, in Virginia


Hi Jane!

Thanks so much for the update. I had been wondering if Sadie had started showing yet. Sounds like she is doing beautifully! I meant to write you to thank you for sending over the health guarantee a while back and answering all my questions. Just to be clear, I want to let you know why I asked about taking dogs back. I've read on numerous occasions that a breeder's policy is very telling of how the breeder operates and that the best breeders take dogs back at any age. Your answer was just what I wanted to hear; it only further emphasized how dear your dogs are to you and that you don't want to place a pup with someone who is unsure as to whether or not they are prepared for such a huge commitment. I want to reassure you that after years of research, thought, and a mild obsession:) I'm definitely ready for a pup, especially one of yours. When we left your house, i actually teared up because I was so excited and felt in my gut that this was the right next step. So anyway, thank YOU for trusting me with one of your future pups. I am so incredibly excited! Hope you and Joel are doing great! My love to all the dogs!


Dear Jane,

We are in Love with our two Scottish Terrier pups. They are the most loving boys we have ever met. Dave and I have looked at other pups on other web sites and were impressed by yours with its description of the personalities of the dogs. We had the privilege of meeting the dam and sire when we came to pick up the pups. We saw first hand the playful nature of Sir William Wallace with his willingess to play fetch for ever along with the sweet personality of Sadie Macbeth. Both these wonderful traits have been passed down to our pups. We loved that you owned both the dam and the sire and think the home atmosphere they are born into and then raised in makes such a big difference. We were convinced that we had made the right decision in choosing Herrons Sandhills Scotties as our breeder. Our pups, Zeus and Monty are the perfect addition. We are enjoying these loving animals every day. Thank you for all of your help and openness to share all that puppy information we needed to start these boys off on the right paw.

Warm Regards
Ruth and David Doremus

Hi, Jane!

This is Faith from Lumberton. Just wanted you to know that Macduff, our Scottie we purchased from you two years ago, is the best dog we have ever had. He is everything you say in your description and more. He is smart and sooooo loving. Thanks for making our purchase and the transition from your home to ours so easy. You are a great breeder to work with.



It was probably the most difficult decision we had to make, moving from New Jersey to Virginia. This in our son Adam's senior year. When it came time for senior personality pictures our son's interests are vast, track, playing saxophone, acting, singing, etc…. all significant parts of our son's life. Yet when we asked him what he wanted in his personality portrait, he told us he wanted "the boys" in his picture. Zeus and Monty are "the boys" our one year old perfect Scottish Terriers. They were there for Adam all summer long by his side and full of fun and affection. When he was down, Zeus and Monty just seemed to know. They would jump up and sit on his lap, shoulder, or lay across his head hugging him. With their soulful eyes they said, we love you buddy. We have learned through a tumultuous year that "our boys" are the best. We don't know where we would be with out their unwavering love and affection. I am grateful that I came across Herron's Sandhills Scotties a little over a year ago. We just adore "our boys". And our sons are ok too. Our sons 18 and 21 hug us on occasion, but Zeus and Monty literally put their paws on our shoulders when we sit next to them and lay their head on our shoulder as if to say here is a hug. Visitors and dog sitters are in awe of them.

Ruth M. Doremus


Dear Jane,

Chloe is so sweet and was loving from the very start. She was a little hard to potty train at first especially when the ground was wet. She didn't want her feet to touch the moisture. Also, she would get so excited everytime our grandchildren would come that we would have to calm her down before they could play with her. She learned early on not to get on the furniture, very easy to train and sleeps in her own bed every night. All we have to say is it's time to go to bed Chloe, and she heads for her special place. Chloe is beautiful, and we get lots of compliments on her when we have her out. She goes to the side of the bed every morning, jumps up and scratches until her dad wakes up and pets her head a little. We couldn't be more thrilled with this little loving baby doll Chloe! Our lab has taught her that it is ok to walk in water…we are also amazed to see that she loves heights and will walk on the edge of walls, etc. Snow was a favorite of hers as well.

Thank you,
Shirley from Kings Mountain, NC

Hi Jane,

Elaine and I would like to thank you so much for our little angel, Riley.  She is the sweetest thing you could ever imagine.  Like I said when I initially talked with you, I had to put my Scottie to sleep after eleven years.  Woody was very good-natured with both people and other animals.  I had read and been told by others, that not all Scotties are good with other animals.  But, after talking with you of how the parents were, I was convinced.  I was very impressed with talking to you.  You just seemed to have a genuine love for the animals.  I had looked at many breeders, some much closer than you, but my mind was set.  We were very happy with the notebook you had for us with the essential potty training guide, plus a little photo album with Riley's pictures from birth to present, a Scottie bandana, and a puppy toy like the one Riley was used to playing with.  I wasn't expecting anything.  To me, you went above and beyond what was required.  If there is anyone looking for a Scottie, I would highly recommend you to them.

Best regards,

Jim and Elaine Reszke
Port St. Lucie, Florida

Hi Jane,
The puppy was so good traveling.  She was calm the whole way.  The longer we drove, the more relaxed she got.  At night we put her in her crate, and she did not cry at all.  We can't get over how good she is.  We couldn't be more pleased with her and the way you take care of them.  You can see the love.  Thanks again. 

Jim and Elaine
Port St. Lucie, Florida

Hi Jane,

Just got back from the vet for initial checkup.  Winston was so mellow he fell asleep on the exam table.  Our vet thought he was amazing.  He is doing great.  No sign of parasites as you know.  He goes back Tuesday for his 9 week booster shot, and we start him on his heart worm tomorrow.  He is sooooo smart.  We can't get over that.  Brodie is a bit jealous although we are trying to be as active and loving with her as always.  They'll work it out.  He is sleeping and eating well.  Very well adjusted.  Breeding and breeder will tell.  We are very pleased.  We will send photos soon,


Dena ( 9/20/16) Mt. Pleasant, SC


Hi Jane,

I just wanted to thank you again for using the crate with your puppies.  You have made our lives so much easier with Abby.  After the first night she has slept in her crate.  We have bought her a crate that's much bigger than her size so she has lots of room to move around.  She loves it.  Abby brings so much love and joy to us.  It's hard to imagine life without her.  Thank you again for the care you gave her.  She is an awesome little dog.

Gail (9/20/16)



Wanted to let you know how much joy Stella has brought our family.  Also, in her recent vet visit she received high marks on everything.  The vet said she was definitely show quality and that she was very smart.  She has slept all night since the day we got her.  She loves to travel like us and visit new places. 


Keven (10/5/16)



My Heather has to be the most perfectly proportioned and beautiful Scottie I have ever had.  I love the beautiful brindle coat and her incredible personality!


Polly ( 2017)



We are so happy with all aspects of our relationship with Herron's Sandhills Scotties.  We so appreciated your regular check ins with guidance on diet and travel tips.  We looked up your website daily.

Larry and Julie, MA (2018)



Halle is amazing.  Grant told her to sit, stay, while he fed grain to the four horses about thirty yards from Halle.  She stayed!!! Sitting obediently till he came back probably five minutes later!!!  At least!  I've had Scotties for almost twenty years; she's the most trainable, obedient Scottie I've had…so earnest, so loving, sweet, sweet baby girl.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We love her so much!!!

Gretchen, TX (2018)



Fin had his first grooming appointment today.   He had a blast!  Played with everyone and every animal.  He is such a good boy and is doing amazingly well with his training.  Can't thank you enough for adding a wonderful member to our family.

Betsy, VA (2018)

8 Responses to “Satisfied Puppy Owners”

  • Marc Dyer and Marilyn Abernatny:

    This is to let you know that Caitlin Marie, the Scottie you picked for us in 2008, is living happily in Chesapeake, VA.  She still has Aubrey and MacDuff and we recently rescued a Silky Terrier, named Maeve, for her to play with.  She has grown into her colors.  She is a beautiful brindle with cream, silver, white and black fur.  Her sister, Abbie, still lives in Virginia Beach with a teacher who works with Marc and apparently they have the same dislikes, THEIR COLLARS.  She is a very active little girl and brings great joy to our lives with her antics.  Some day we may be back for another baby, as Aubrey and MacDuff just turned 15 years old on the 28th of December.  Thank you for being the wonderful breeder you are. 
    Marilyn Abernathy
    Marc Dyer
    Chesapeake, VA

  • Administrator:

    It is great to hear from you. I am so pleased to know my babies are doing well. Send me pictures when you can. I would love to post them on my website.


  • Jaci Webb-Dempsey:

    Dear Jane,
    I can't thank you enough for our puppies (even though they are now 2 1/2 years old, they are still very much puppies) Ladybug and Ramsey.  We feel so fortunate to have them in our lives and are so glad we decided to bring two Scotties home with us, instead of just the one we had planned for.  Ramsey is a handsome, classic, jet black Scottie and very playful – he absolutely loves his toys (if they aren't sturdy, he loves them to death!).  Ladybug is quite a character; both in looks, with her little white kiss of a beard and ruff on her chest, and her inquisitive nature and entertaining personality.  I remember you telling me that you called her "AG" for academically gifted and you had her pegged even at just a few weeks old.  She is clearly the leader in all the puppy mischief in our household and literally drags Ramsey around by his collar.  They are both incredibly affectionate with one another and with us. When we brought them home in January 2010 there was a foot of snow on the ground here in West Virginia and they immediately became "snow bunnies."  They created a system of tunnels through the snow in our yard and ran and ran, with only the tips of their tails showing.  We often had to go out and capture them to get them to come in and get warm!  They have been very disappointed this winter – almost no snow so far.   Van and I became "empty nesters" just before the puppies turned a year old when our youngest daughter, Tara, left for college at UNC-Chapel Hill.  When Tara comes home she always says she is surprised we haven't given her room to the puppies (siblling rivalry).  Needless to say, they are healthy and happy and a joy in our lives.  Thank you so much!  We would recommend your Scotties to anyone hoping to find a wonderful, furry addition to their family!

  • Kim Grigsby:

    Earlier this summer, i received a call from my boarder (Dogs All Day in Charlotte NC) telling me that they had a Scottie that needed a home and they thought of me, since I am known for my love of Scotties.  I immediately went to meet the wonderful Mabel.  All I knew about her was she was an eight month old pure bred Scottie who needed rescuing from a bad situation.  I was never able to get clarity on exactly what she went through beyond "it was a really bad situation".  She was skinny, but healthy, and the happiest little dog I have ever met.  I immediately turned around to bring my other Scotties to meet her, and called my husband to let him know he better get over there if he wanted a chance to meet her before I committed.  She loved my other Scotties, and soon was coming home for a test run.  We never looked back.  
    We changed her name to Annie (I'll admit it… little orphan Annie did get mentioned), and she has brought a smile to our faces every single day since we have had her.  We had some mild behavioral problems, but perfectly typical things, like chewing…  socks, shoes, remote controls, phones…  but she is so smart, all you have to do is communicate to her what you want and she is eager to satisfy her people.  
    I eventually found out that she was one of your dogs.  I wanted to let you know that you have bred a smart, happy, resilient dog that you can be so proud of.  Scotties have many fine qualities, but they can be emotionally tender.  They want to be treated fairly and can become problematic if they aren't.  I believe that Annie's adaptability and resiliency is a result of your efforts.  She is the least tweaky dog I have ever met.   She isn't bother by loud noises, strange people or other dogs, well except large yellow dogs.  For some reason she doesn't like Goldens or Yellow Labs.   She is happy to see us when we come home, but isn't frightened when we leave.  She has none of the issues I would expect from a dog with her background. 
    She is best friends with my little female wheaton Scottie, and her biggest frustration in life is trying to get all of her family together with her in the same place, preferably petting her.   She loves to play fetch with her people and keep away with her sister.  She watches TV with a focus most children couldn't match.  She talks to the TV the whole time she watches.  If the TV isn't on, she brings me to the room (yes, in "Timmy fell down the well" fashion) and sits and stares at the blank TV, then looks at me, then looks at the TV.  Her favorite show is "Too Cute" on Animal planet.  I record it for her now.  
    I am so grateful that Annie came into our lives, I just wish it could have been an easier road for her.  But I want you to know that she is well cared for and loved, and will be for as long as she lives.  
    When it comes time to get our next Scottie, you will be hearing from us!
    Thank you!  Kim

  • Diana & Dan Snow:


    There are no words to describe how much we love our Mac.  He had big paws to fill from the void in our house from the loss of our beloved Darby.  From the minute we picked him up from you until this very minute, he continues to impress us with his intelligence and makes us laugh just about every minute.  He is sweet, lovable and so willing to learn new things everyday.  We couldn't possibly put into words just how pleased we are with your abilities with breeding such wonderful pups.  His sister Piper adores him as well.  Thank you so much for renewing our faith in breeders. Your attention to detail and the extra efforts in the wonderful packages you send out into the world, by far, surpass the "everyday breeder".  Thank you so much for your talents. We are looking forward to adding another sister for Mac and Piper soon.  
    Diana & Dan Snow 

  • Elmer and Marcia Legrey:

    Dear Jane, Thankyou so much for making it possible for Marcia and i to have Archie!  You are definitely in a class, all your own when it comes to breeders!   We didnt think it possible for anyone to love Scotties more than we do, but you are unbelievable!  Your knowledge of these dogs and love for all animals comes out in all you do. We cant Thankyou enough for all the help and guidance you have given us, and continue to give us, concerning Archie. You are a beautiful person, and your love for all things shines through you!  This world needs more Jane Herrons!  We just took Archie to our vet yesterday, for his first visit, and Archies  Dr. had nothing but praise about what a great puppy Archie is. He passed every test with flying colors! She said several times, "You have a good one there!"  He is so smart, my wife said, He is smarter than both of us put together! ha  Jane, Marcia and i wish you all the best in happiness, and everything that is good in this world for your family and of course, Herrons, Sandhills Scotties!  We love you!  Sincerely, Marcia and Elmer Legrey

  • David Herman:

    Hi Jane. I want you to know that our Griselda is the perfect Scottish Terrier. It has just been one day since we brought her home but she has already woven herself into our hearts. She is well behaved, extremely intelligent, and everything I have come to expect from a Scottish Terrier. She was the perfect little girl her first night. She stayed in her indoor pen the whole night without making a sound. There's no doubt that she comes from a champion blood line with her proud gait and always alert appearance. But most important is the love and companionship she has already provided.
    Thank you for allowing us the privilege of adopting one of your beautiful puppies.

  • Gail Johnson:

    Hi Jane,I just wanted to let you know Abby Joy is just what her name implies, she is such a joy to us! We had her checked by our get and she is perfectly healthy. We are so glad we waited for our perfect puppy. She couldn't be more perfectly suited to us. We can't thank you enough for the excellent care you have her. We definitely made the right choice in our breeder.  Joe and Gail Johnson

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